The OSRS Trailblazer League

OSRS brought Runescape to life by bringing back the classic gameplay. The Trailblazer League has been added! The OSRS Trailblazer League brings a new dimension to Runescape's gameplay! The Trailblazer League is the second introductory competition in OSRS history and brings brand new features to the game.

Let's go over all the details related to the match and see how to get started.

Start date and end date

The OSRS Traiblazer League is the second preparatory competition in the OSRS, meaning your characters will only last that long. The Traiblazer League started on October 28th, but don't think you're too far behind to start now! The competition will run until January 6.


The OSRS Trailblazer League is divided into 9 regions. This includes the provinces of Asgarnia, Fremennik, Kandarin, Karamja, Kharidian Desert, Misthalin, Morytania, Tirannwn and Wilderness. Trailblazer League players can only unlock 3 regions for their character. This makes decisions about loot, resources, quests, and more very difficult. Do you choose the Kharid desert for the ancients? Will you combine Asgarnia and Kandarin to unlock Piet? These are the questions that make the Trailblazer League so exciting. Fortunately, in addition to your 3 regions, players also unlock Karamja by default.


The Traiblazer League challenges players to complete quests to unlock Relics and collect League Points. There are a total of 962 missions in the Trailblazer League, from Easy to Master, spanning all 9 regions. Most quests require a certain skill level, meaning players have to change their skills to earn as many competitive points as possible. However, they are region dependent, so you are limited by the areas you want to unlock.

The Inferno

While players in the Trailblazer League are faced with a variety of tasks, Inferno is a challenge all players hope to complete. Inferno is an extremely challenging mini-game that puts players to the test. Many will try Inferno, and very few will manage to acquire a highly sought-after skill. If Inferno is your end goal in the Trailblazer League, you probably need to plan your regional teams to achieve it.

League points

League Points are an overlapping reward system for the achievements of the Trailblazer League. They are unlocked by completing quests, and eventually players can purchase additional relics. As players have a restricted region, only enough quests are available to earn these league points. This means that you have to spend them strategically.


Relics are your character's passive buffs that can affect things like drop rate, XP bonuses, speed accumulation, combat, and more. There are many incredibly important relics in the OSRS Traiblazer League that can completely change the way you play with your character. To unlock relics you need to complete tasks for competition points. You select relics by level, which gives you 3 decisions for each level, along with an automatic passive benefit that will be unlocked with each level. The selection of relics is permanent, so be careful when selecting.

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