OSRS: Tips for Making Gold

Old School RuneScape, a game released in 2013 but based on the 2007 version of the game, actually has a larger player base than its modern counterpart. Earning OSRS gold is important in this game as it is needed to purchase certain in-game special items and Old School Bonds that can be used to purchase a membership instead of keeping your account free. There are literally hundreds of ways to get gold in Old School RuneScape, and each method involves processing or crafting, harvesting, and fighting. Please note that the in-game rewards are generally determined by the Grand Exchange, which will not be available when playing Ironman. Some methods of making gold are members-only while everyone can use others, but all are exclusive to Old School RuneScape.

Cutting yew logs

Felling any tree provides experience or resources, so why do OSRS gold growing guides always focus on yew blocks? This wood is highly sought after by Fletching and Firemaking, so you can count on the auction house for a fixed price. For maximum performance in the shortest possible time, players must be equipped with a rune or dragon ax and have a woodcarving skill of 75 or higher, although a skill level of 60 is required to carve yews. This is a common technique for obtaining gold and players with a subscription like pay-to-play can access more exclusive areas such as the Woodcutting Guild.

Kill the blue dragons

If you have this Killing skill, and any respected adventurer should, skip the quiet village life and go hunting for dragons. For this gold-making technique to be profitable, your combat skills must be 70 for ranged damage, 80 for melee fighters, 37 for magic users, and a dexterity level of 70 for everyone.

Dragons drop skin and bones at a rapid rate, while also bringing in other loot and tons of experience points. Dragon Bones are a popular way to polish your Prayer skills, and Blue Dragonskin armor pieces give bonuses to ranged weapons and spells.

Grinding unicorn horns

There are many different horns that you can sharpen and some of them give you a level of experience that unicorn horns do not have. However, this is a situation where you can earn some money by selling your product on a big exchange. Unicorn Dust is used in both low and high anti-ozone which are important items in Herblore, so you can make money selling it. Another advantage of this activity is that it does not require any skills or special equipment, an ordinary mortar and pestle is enough.

Catching sharks

Who says perfecting your fishing skills has to be boring? You don't need to put your net in the river or go fishing in a quiet pond. Go out and catch real monsters and earn some decent gold by doing this, provided you have a membership. Sharks have several uses in the game as an ingredient in health restoration omens, along with high-level food, both of which are essential for players exploring the dangerous parts of the game. To catch them you'll need a harpoon and a fishing skill of 76, and a cooking skill level of level 80 to cook them, both of which will give you XP.