OSRS Closed Beta is heading to Steam to test the new game client

Old School Runescape launched a closed beta on Steam to test its new game client and is contacting the community to give it much-needed feedback. Building a completely new client is no small endeavor, but it could be the right step to an official release on Steam.

On December 7, RuneScape developer Jagex posted an announcement to create a new game client with the launch of their closed beta. The transition from Old School Runescape to Steam was announced in September, but it looks like there are still a few months left to the final product.

According to the Old School Runescape website, a new game client was needed to provide a solid, easy-to-use experience on Steam, and what better way to test the boundaries than a closed beta? The official Java-based client doesn't seem to work with core Steam features, so they created a new one in C ++. It offers features such as GPU support and frame rate limiting, all of which should combine for a friendly experience that Runescape players will enjoy. They need feedback from the test community to tune this new system for performance and fun. To this end, they went to Twitter, asking Scapers for help and provided links to the trial.

The development team has even compiled a thoughtful list of frequently asked questions included in the announcement so that prospective beta testers know what to expect from a new customer. The list covers a variety of topics including how to sign up, verify that your beta key email is genuine, how to provide feedback, and much more. There is no set or planned end date for this test, which just shows how badly they want this release the first time.

Runescape, in both its different versions, has become the staple of the MMO community and a well-known brand among PC gamers. In 19 years it has grown from a small project developed by two brothers and their parents' home to a community of over 1.6 million people and climbing. It's an impressive achievement to be sure, but when the beta is ready and the Steam version is live, those numbers will surely increase.

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