OSRS: 5 Pro Tips for Ironman

Fans of Old School Runescape have been able to play their favorite game since its release in January 2001. The game is still evolving, but some players may want to take on a new challenge after all these years. This is where Ironman Mode comes in.

Without being able to take advantage of key aspects of the game like The Grand Exchange, the extra difficulty can be exciting but also daunting. In Ironman mode, everything from training to effectively earning Runecape gold is different, but paying-to-play players can succeed in many ways.

Starting Strong

The best way to get a good start in Ironman is not to be lucky, but to choose your starting missions carefully. Starting quests like Druidic Ritual and Rune Mysteries unlock the ability to work on full skills and should be illustrated quickly. Players should also look for quests that offer free teleport options as the journey can take a little longer when starting out in Ironman mode.

Other than that, some good starter missions to watch include Cook's Assistant, X Marks The Spot, The Restless Ghost, Client of Kourand, and Dwarf Cannon. Players can also try to improve their stealing skills to earn money early in the game, or consider fighting Winterholt if they acquire shooting skills fast enough to survive.

Barbaric fishing

Barbarian Fishing uses the boring mechanics of fishing in RuneScape and makes it one of the best ways to upgrade multiple skills at once. Once players have 30 dexterity and 30 strength, players will not only be able to gain fishing skills, but also increase strength and agility at the same time!

Fish can always be sold for gold, but with good cooking skills, they can also be turned into ways to heal health points. For players who are about to do combat training or are trying to practice their vanquisher skills, having delicious cooked sharks, karamban or anglerfish can help players avoid death.

Agility Pyramid

The Agility Pyramid is a great place for players to not only earn some coins but also gain experience. Complete Recruitment Drive, The Tourist Trap and The Grand Tree. They provide 18,200 experience points, enough to take a player from level 1 to level 32. From here, players can go to the skill pyramid to earn up to 200,000 gold per hour while improving their dexterity skills. This can work especially well for novice players as a way to build money quickly.

Managing Miscellania

There are better ways to get money and resources than mass air raids. Once players complete the Throne of Various Events quest, they will be able to obtain various resources that can be used in practice without spending as much time. Players will first need consistent money making strategies as well as sufficient capital to invest at least around 500,000 coins upfront, but the investment will pay off for any player who gets it.

Make money

Players don't need to spend money in real life to earn large amounts of OSRS gold in Ironman mode. While players cannot be cheated on The Grand Exchange, it does make earning coins a bit difficult. High-level alchemy is often the most effective way to earn money, but players will need to improve their magical skills before this can be done.

Until then, players should focus on collecting and crafting items. Players can find Staff of Earth and Steel Platebody in the Wilderness respawn locations that can be collected and sold. Players can also fly willow crossbows, which not only earn money, but also help you train useful aviation and wood carving skills.