RuneScape 3: About Grinding Completionist Cape

One of the greatest achievements a RuneScape 3 player can achieve is a completion cape. Since its addition in 2011, players have been working to get hold of it. Despite how long the cape was removed, only a small percentage of RuneScape 3 players earned the cape. According to the latest statistics, less than 3% of players received one.

What makes getting a full cape so difficult is the sheer number of requirements. Even one of the requirements is a long-term achievement for most players. The number of achievements required is steadily increasing and is likely to increase even in 2021. While the list of achievements may seem daunting, they can be broken down into smaller, more achievable goals.

Dungeoneering Recipes

One of the more annoying grinds in RuneScape 3 is the 120 dungeons. While the grind is a bit overwhelming for some, it's important to collect potion recipes during your dungeons. Otherwise you will have to continue the dungeon after 120 to find them all.

One way to make sure you collect all the recipes is to use the "Consistent Like" card as soon as you enter the second floor. This card can be purchased from Bryll Thoksdottir which can be found just outside Daemonheim. He sells both solo and team cards, but the cards received are random. Use this option if you cannot find a recipe.

Livid Farm

Livid Farm is not necessarily a difficult grind, or as challenging as the others. However, it is definitely one of the most boring grinds. This grinding takes at least about 23 hours. This presupposes that you are doing the activity perfectly for many hours non-stop. This is a particularly good time to complete this task, as you will have more players to talk to while completing this task.

A less torturous way to complete this quest is to purchase rabid plants from a traveling merchant. Assuming you are in the early stage of a routine for a complementary cape, you should invest in this option. Each plant costs 1 million gold, but will bring you between 10,000 and 40,000 points. It costs 43 million PLN to get all the necessary production points. If you are lucky, it will cost you 11 million gold.

Anachronia Camp

Another of RuneScape 3's many achievements is the completion of Camp Anachrony. You must wait at least 880 hours to achieve this goal. Start doing it as soon as possible. The minimum waiting time of 36 days is no joke.

The recommended method of termination is to simply pivot between the warehouse buildings, dormitories, and town hall. It is important to build them in this step-by-step order to maximize resources. Otherwise, you even wait more than 880 hours.

Master Slayer

By far one of the Completing Cape's best goals is to reach 120 killers. Need money, status, fame, glory? 120 Slayer can get you at least one. If you need money, 120 Slayer is one of the best ways to get it.

RuneScape 3 gold helps you with everything you work on. Moreover, 120 Slayer is one of the most useful tasks that you can work on at an early stage. Achieving this goal will allow players to quickly propel themselves to meet most other cloak requirements.