Apes Take Over Lumbridge For OSRS's Eighth Birthday Celebration

Old School RuneScape is turning 8 this month and Jagex congratulates him by bringing monkeys from Monkey Atoll to Lumbridge. Things are going wrong and Prince Horacio needs your help to calm them down before they take over the entire city.

This bizarre new event is well worth the time as you will be rewarded with a new wearable, Cursed Banana. If you are a member, you can also purchase the Banana Cape, an exclusive item with the "one of the spoiled monkeys" emotional expression. To get started, go to Lumbridge and talk to the prince.

This week's update isn't just about monkey madness. Jagex is also introducing a new map for Wild Varrock, the Last Man Standing map pool. “Wild Varrock is an alternative version of the iconic city that exists on other planes,” the announcement says. “I found a Guthixian magician who wanted to find a new and exciting place to host the Last Man Standing match. Now you have a chance to find out! "

Several Last Man Standing items have been added to the collection log to match the new map.


   Dead man armor

   Fast knife

   Guthixian icons

   Special attack color

   Victor's Cloak

   Inorganic paint and upgrade kit

   Granite ornaments and handles

Several other changes have been made in the update, such as an F2P world that is no longer playable in competitive LMS mode, a renamed default LMS map, a new loot chest model and animations. Check out the official Old School RuneScape blog for the full change log.

Old School RuneScape launches on Steam next week, bringing nostalgic fun to new players. While this is not the best way to get to know Gielinor, you will undoubtedly pay attention to the classic game.

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