Rex Matriarch dinosaur bosses are coming to RuneScape

Since Raksha was released in December, most of the RuneScape community probably wasn't expecting a new boss anytime soon. However, developer RuneScape Jagex has confirmed that the new boss Rex Matriarch. Inspired by the kings of Dagannoth, the Rex Matriarch is made up of three different bosses, each using a third of the battle triangle.

Unlike the Dagaonnoth kings, none of the new bosses require a specific fighting style. However, each of the three will have a high defensive resistance against the style against which they are naturally strong. This means Orikalka, a melee Rex, will be strong against Range, Pthent will be magic, Rex will be strong against melee, and Rathis' range will be strong against magic. When released, they can be found deep in their lair in Spirit Grove in Anachronia.

General Details

Like RuneScape bosses, Rex Matriarch is not designed to be too strict a boss. The developers described him as a "middle class boss" who probably placed him on the same level as God Wars Dungeon 2. This should make him accessible to players of all skill levels. However, high level players may choose to kill all three at once as part of a challenge if they wish to maximize their winnings.

Killing one of the Rex Matriarchs counts towards all RuneScape Dinosaur Slayer quests. Likewise, from battles level 105 and above, they can be assigned as a task for the Reaper from Death himself. Although those who have access to unlock Reaper's Choice can force them as early as level 60.

Unique drops

All three new Rex Matriarch bosses in RuneScape will have their own unique dump tables and pets. Animals are smaller versions of each boss, and all three are required to obtain the title of the complete Rex Matriarch dump log. Regarding their unique loot, each Rex drops an upgrade item appropriate to his fighting style. These items can be used on existing battle rings that have already been dropped by the kings of Dagannoth.

The Stalker Ring offers 30 Ranged Bonuses, 5 Prayer Bonus and increases Critical Hit Chance by 3% when using a bow. This effect does not activate if you use a crossbow instead. Champion Range offers 30 melee bonuses, 5 prayer bonuses, and a 3% increased chance of critical attacks against poisoned enemies. Lastly, Channeler's Ring offers 30 magic bonuses, 5 prayer bonuses, and a 4% Critical Hit Chance increase on all snoop skills. Moreover, this effect cumulates up to 16% in total.

In addition to the specialized rings, a new hybrid ring will also be introduced. Reaver Ring provides 27 bonuses to all types of combat and increases the chance of critical attacks by 5%. However, it has the downside of reducing accuracy by 5%, making it a bad choice against high defense enemies.

And if that wasn't enough, there's even a new weapon on the way. Starting Monday, RuneScape players can kill the Rex Matriarch to obtain the Spear of Laniakei. This is the same halberd that the Slayer Master herself used on her adventures. Has level 90 damage, but only 75 accuracy. The special effect increases all poison damage by 5% and increases the likelihood of a weapon poison hitting an enemy. We currently don't know the exact rarity or probability of any of the unique Rex Matriarch loot.

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