Old School RuneScape: 5 easiest pets to get

Old School Runescape remains one of the most popular MMORPGs, welcoming both new and old players as it is available not only on PC but also free on mobile devices. While you spend countless hours perfecting your skills by playing mini-games or defeating bosses, you also have an absurdly rare chance to get a pet.

Runescape Pets is a miniature boss or skill animal that will follow you and be your new little companion on countless missions and forays to the Big Stock. While no pet is necessarily easy or guaranteed (other than an animal stone and a cat, but who's counting them), with some skill and a lot of determination, there are some that are much easier to get than others.

Hell Puppy - Cerberus

Hell Puppy is a level 318 Hell Dog Cerberus found in the Dungeons of Taverley. Hell Puppy is a 1/3000 chance and while Cerberus needs 91 Conquerors to kill, it is certainly one of the easier bosses to crush.

Cerberus can be killed an average of 7 times during the trip and has a quick respawn time meaning no account is required. It also drops primal and eternal crystals, as well as a smoldering stone, each of which can earn a lot of OSRS gold with a puppy.

Scorpia's offspring - Scorpia

Scorpia's offspring are level 225 scorpions in the wild. This pet is on 1/2000 cure, which gives you a better chance of getting one, coupled with the fact that Scorpia is also one of the easiest bosses in the game.

In fact, a scorpion can be killed once a minute, which means a 25% chance that this little scorpion will break your heels within 10 hours. However, Scorpia has difficulty rising higher due to its location in the wild and the possibility of frequent accidents involving PKer.

Skotos - Skotizo

Skotizo is the boss lurking in the Kourenda Catacombs and also needs a totem to get to him. Obtaining these totems can be exhausting, but it won't take you long to feel like being stalked.

Skotizo will most likely drop pets in Runescape, with a chance of 1/65. The kills take some time (estimated at 10 kills per hour for seasoned players), but considering the Divisions, it's still much faster than the others on the list.

Pet Kraken - Kraken

The Kraken is the easiest boss to kill as you only need a level 87 killer to assign it.

The Kraken has the same chances as 1/3000 of the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil, but can be killed even faster if seasoned players see more than one kill per minute.

Its simplicity also includes dropping big loot like Trident of the Seas and Macka so you can earn a lot of money by searching for that little sinker.

Chompy Chick - Chompy Birds

Winning first place is easy with Chompy Chick. These are not necessarily the easiest requirements as you need to complete the Western County Elite Diary which requires you to complete 1000 Chompy Bird kills. However, with 200 kills per hour, it's not one of the most difficult or time-consuming grinds in the game.

The drop percentage for this cute little chick is around 1/500, meaning you have about an 80% chance of catching this bird in 4 hours. If you really want one of these little companions, you won't face much competition and you'll discover fun quickly and faster than anywhere else in Gielinor.