OSRS: 5 Most Profitable Slayer Monsters

Old School RuneScape continues to welcome new and existing players as one of the most popular MMORPGS. Players spend countless hours improving their skills, defeating monsters and playing mini games, all looking for GPs to invest in their next major weapon or armor upgrade.

One of the best ways to earn OSRS gold you badly need in the game is to defeat the various slayer monsters that are hiding in the game. To use the slayer ability, you have to go out and kill a certain number of monsters to balance the area, and depending on your level, you can access bigger and more powerful enemies. The best thing you can do to kill higher level slayer monsters is that they are the best money makers in Gielinor which saves unique items and a lot of money.

Brutal black dragon

The brutal black dragon can be found in Kourend's catacombs with a level 77 slayer requirement. Great arrangements make it easy to attack these amazing beasts, and using high-quality alchemical equipment can yield huge returns.

Brutal Blacks always drop Dragon Bones (1,500 GP) and Black Dragonhide (6,000 GP). However, Brutal Blacks rarely have the chance to give them Dragon Platelegs / Skirts (160,000 GP) and are the only Slayer Monsters with a low 1/5000 chance on the Dragonic Visage (2,750,000 GP). The most common drops are Dragon Dart Tips (100,000 GP), Dragon and Rune Weaponry, Armor, Frequent Blood, Soul, Death and Law Runes.


Kurask has a level 70 slayer requirement and can only be damaged by a blade weapon or a wide bolt. Kurasks don't do much damage and are easy to find in the Fremmenik Slayer Dungeon or the Iorwerth Dungeon in Prifddinas.

Kurasks rarely drop Leaf Bladed Sword (40,000 GP) and Ax (50,000 GP), but these are not the main sources of income. They are great for seeds, herbs, natural runes and 10,000 GP drops. They also drop the well-known Limpwurt Roots, Papaya Fruits, Coconuts and Whiteberries, which are useful not only for regular players but also for Ironmen.


Gargoyles require Slayer level 75, can be found in Canifis' Slayer Tower and can easily win over 1 million GP.

Gargoyle's valuable drops include Rune Full Helms (20,000 GP), Rune 2h Swords (38,000 GP), as well as rare drops from Rune Battleaxes (24,000 GP) and Rune Platelegs (38,000 GP). It is best known for its rare 1/250 Granite Maul (170,000 GP), but most of the money comes from the well-known Rune Ores and Bars, with the occasional drop of 10,000 GP.

Skeletal Wyvern

Skeletal Wyvern is one of the most popular Slayer Monsters, requires Slayer Level 72 and can be found in the Asganian Ice Dungeon. They are known for challenging opponents and require elemental shields to block the breath of ice.

Despite being challenging, Skeletal Wyverns can make quite a bit of money. They always drop Wyvern Bones (1,400 GP) and rarely Dragon Platelegs / Skirt (160,000 GP). It also drops a variety of rune weapons and armor, Battle Staff (80,000 GP), Magic Rogue (35,000 GP), Adama Night Bar (19,000 GP), and Full Prayer Potion (21,000 GP). They often grow with a 1 / 10,000 chance of dropping a draconian face (2,750,000).

Greater Nechryael

Finally, there is an advanced Necliel that requires slayer level 80. You can find it in a variety of locations in Runescape, but get maximum benefit for it in Kourend's Catacombs, where you can work in the fastest and easiest way across multiple battles.

Advanced Nechryael mainly drops rune weapons and armor, especially rune square shields (22,500 GP), which can earn about 1 million GP per operation. They also often receive droppers from the runes of death and blood. Both can be quickly stacked with huge prizes.