Jagex reworks the Divination skill in RuneScape

In Jagex's popular MMORPG, RuneScape, you can train a total of 28 skills. Over the course of its 20-year history, some of these skills have become obsolete and need to be reworked. An example of this is the 2019 Mining and Smithing rework that modernized two of RuneScape's oldest skills. The next skill to receive this healing is divination, as confirmed in a recent live stream from RuneScape developers.

First released in 2013, Divination is actually one of RuneScape's recently added skills. Invention and archeology are the only newer skills these days. Still, the Jagex team felt it needed some rework to make it more suitable. In particular, it seeks to provide the motivation to train a skill that goes beyond the current use of inventions and the creation of divine locations.

How divination changes

The biggest changes are how players will handle their tails in the future. Currently, highlights take about 30 seconds to expire. After conversion, they last for at least 60 seconds. In addition, each player who interacts with the Wisp after the first use extends the duration by an additional 15 seconds. Those wearing the Divination Cloak that is unlocked after reaching 99 Divination in RuneScape will instead add 30 seconds to the timer.

Another change is that fewer fires will appear, and those that do will appear closer to the center crack. Not only will this make the click intense, but it will also be faster because less time is spent jogging between the strands.

Chronicle fragments also changed with the rework. Previously, they had a random chance to spawn and kept moving until collected. You can stack up to 10 at a time before having to surrender them to the divination experience. Further on, these fragments will remain stationary after power off. In addition, players who click it quickly enough will receive an improved chronicle excerpt.

Improved Chronicle Fragments enhance nearby fissures. After the buff, all players who interact with the Rift receive different bonuses for their experience percentage and energy gain. This change, coupled with the new expansion mechanism, should make Divination more social than it is today.

However, that's not all about updating. To motivate RuneScape players to train divination, Jagex has introduced more rewards for raising the level of the least popular Collecting Skill in the MMORPG. Among them is the ability to transmute Dark Animica Ore, Light Animica Ore, and even Rocktail from less valuable sources.

Finally, a new porter has been added, which can only be done in 99 Divination. Sign of the Porter VII will be the new best porter, with 50 chargers per porter. The previous best offered only 30 per porter. Carriers are extremely useful for reducing the click intensity of certain activities, including important skills such as archeology and mining. The next month promises to be a great time to jump into RuneScape and practice divination if you haven't already mastered it.

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