RuneScape Traveling Merchant's Guide: The Best Items to Buy

Gamers looking to optimize their accounts need to understand the importance of dailies. Some daily activities, such as Fish Wax, are a great source of reliable income. The RuneScape Journal, which is by far the most valuable to both big accounts and ironmen, is Traveling Merchant.

Each day, the traveling merchant keeps four items for purchase. The first place is always the unexplored map of the island. This has its application and offers a very slim chance of rewarding a Tavia rod, an item worth billions. The other three places change every day. The easiest way to view both current and future offerings is to browse the official wiki.

A traveling merchant can be found at the deep sea fishing center. This can be accomplished by talking to Goomah in the Fishing Guild north of Ardougne or by matching the Grace of the Elves amulet on the center. Either way, you have to fish at level 68 to access it. Admiral Cake can temporarily increase the skill from level 63.

Unfortunately, the Traveling Merchant only appears on certain worlds at certain times. Finding a seller manually can take a while, so it's better to make the most of the available social tools. There is a friend chat that can help. Join him by going to the community tab in the game, clicking on community, then "Join friends chat" and finally entering "WhirlpoolDnD". Alternatively, Deep Sea Fishing Discord has a text channel dedicated to summoning Traveling Merchant spawns.

D&D Tokens

Distraction and distraction are usually a variety of activities that can only be done occasionally. Some D&D are daily, such as Goebie Supply Runs, while others are monthly, such as Giant Oyster. Many of these activities offer great development opportunities without the need to invest a lot of time or a doctor.

D&D tokens allow distraction and distraction to be reset at will. For example, the D&D token (weekly) allows the player to complete the otherwise limited D&D Rush of Blood Slayer twice a week. The best D&D for using tokens are Big Chinchompa, Sinkholes, Guthixian Cache, Herby Werby, Penguin Hide and Seek, Tears of Guthix, The Giant Oyster, and The Effigy Incubator.

Gift for the Reaper

In terms of profit, the reaper gift is the best item you can buy from the traveling merchant. When completed, it will earn 20 mower points. Given the current price of the incomplete hydrix, which can be purchased for 300 reaper points, the Gift for the Reaper is worth 4.3 million gold.

In the Traveling Merchant store, these points are available for only GP 1.25 million. Just click on the buy button and the player will immediately get 3 million GP. The Ironmen gift for the Reaper is still worth buying as Reaper points are required to get a few items at the end of the game. Examples include Amulet of Souls, Reaper Necklace, and Ring of Death, all of which require an incomplete hydrix.

Harmonic dust

While Harmony Dust isn't as crucial to RuneScape account development as the other items on this list, it's still worth buying from the traveling merchant. Harmonic dust is used to make crystal tools. The most useful applications for this are Crystal Hatchet, Crystal Pickaxe and Crystal Tentacle.

Harmonic dust can be grown by playing the harps in the Ithell district of Prifddinas. However, this is slow because it can take up to six hours to collect enough dust for one tool. Buying Harmonic Dust saves time and saves nearly twenty hours of sanding.

Unstable air rune

It can be purchased for 250,000 OSRS Gold and the Volatile Air Fleece will earn you 5,000 Duration points when used. Runespan is a low intensity method of training Runecrafting skills. Points earned while training in Runespan mode or using an unstable air run can unlock various items. These items include the Runecrafter Master's Outfit and Unstable Essence.

Runecrafting is one of the slowest skills to train in RuneScape, so getting the most out of this item at the Traveling Merchant is essential. Both the outfit and the essentials speed up Runecrafting's promotion process. In combination, they can save you countless hours of sharpening if you try to hit 99. This is especially true for people who are rock-solid who cannot use the extra experience to improve hourly wages.