OSRS finally gets the long-awaited clan update

An MMORPG is nothing without its community. There are many ways to create a sense of community, but one of the most popular is having clans. Community-led clans have been appearing in Old School RuneScape for a while, but there has never been an official system in play. Today's update, however, formally brings clans to Old School RuneScape.

The official clans had been part of the main RuneScape client for a while, but the retro version didn't have the same functionality. This update introduces several aspects present in the modern version to improve the experience of being part of a clan.

What is clans about?

Any Old School RuneScape player can try the clan update regardless of account status. The clan center is located in the southeast corner of the Grand Exchange Varrock. The portal entrance in this corner takes players to the corresponding Clan Hall.

Clan Hall is primarily a social hub but also offers some skills building facilities. These include a bank, a vault, an altar and an oven. In addition, there is a chest in the hall where clan members can deposit and withdraw money. Currently the treasury cap is 1 million GP, ??but this cap may be increased in the future.

Not everyone can communicate with the chest. The clan system allows owners to assign different ranks to each clan member. The permissions of each rank can be adjusted based on the owner's preferences. Some of these permissions include the ability to host clan events, enter the clan hall, and speak in clan chat.

In keeping with Old School RuneScape tradition, Jagex is currently taking feedback on Clan Updates. If you're not completely happy with it or feel some features are missing, be sure to check out OSRS Reddit. Old School RuneScape is a social game, so all opinions are usually taken into account.

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