Old School Runescape: The 5 Best Cape Perks

The world of Gielinor offers a range of excellent and hard-earned capes for the few Old School Runescape players who are willing to spend their time getting them. These capes are awarded for hitting 99 in certain skills, completing a lot of in-game content, and also for those super fans who usually just spend too much time in the game.

If you're wondering which cape is worth your time, here are 5 that could be the key to speeding up those banks and running around houses as you fight bosses for profit, earn more money on skills, and overall with Old School Runescape a more rewarding and rewarding experience.

Quest Cape

Quest Cape is awarded to those few players who have taken the time to complete every task Runescape has to offer, good and bad, and is a great reward for those looking for a useful teleport in addition to taking advantage of these discounted Nightmare Zone prices.

Quest Cape allows the wearer to teleport to Legend's Guild an unlimited number of times a day, which proves essential for those looking to grind through some high-level Elite and Master clues.

Achievement Diary Cape

The Achievement Diary cape is arguably the most difficult cape in the game, and even rivals Max's cape, requiring you to complete each level of the achievement diary to be able to use it.

Its use pops up in a plethora of niche teleport locations, allowing unlimited teleportations to any of the Gielinor Achievement Diary champions without having to wear runes.


Award 99 Crafting, Crafting Skillcape has arguably one of the best and most useful teleporters in the game, especially for those crafting skills on mobile devices, though this might not seem useful at first glance.

The ability to teleport to the Craftsmen's Guild an unlimited number of times a day is infinitely useful to be the closest teleport to the in-game bank. This means fast teleporting during Slayer smiles, skill runs or boss runs, and no inventory slots required on multiple teleport runes.


The reward for achieving 99 constructions, Construction Skillcape, gives the user the best teleport in the game: straight to the player's own home!

With 99 constructions to do this, it's obvious that your home already contains many of the high-end amenities you'd expect; like the Nexus Portal for any handy teleport you desire, except the Rejuvenation Pool. Pool of Rejuvenation remains the best POH item in the game, allowing you to quickly heal prayers, energy, hitpoints, special attacks, lowered stats, and even disease and poisons.

Max Cape

Max Cape is an award given to those who have reached 99 in each of the 23 Old School Runescape skills, it takes an absurdly long time to get to them, but it hides the greatest advantage the game has to offer.

Max Cape allows you to take advantage of any Skillcape in the game, giving the user access to the Crafting Cape's bankbox and the player's Construction Cape home teleport in one Cape! It is by far the best cape in the game and can even be paired with other capes like Hell and Mythic Capes as well as Avas' Assembler for arguably the best landscape of fashion and bragging rights Gielinor has to offer.

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