How to safely buy OSRS accounts?

Buying OSRS accounts is a great way to avoid the grind of this popular MMORPG. If you don't have the time and patience to hone your skills and complete RuneScape quests, getting an OSRS account is a wise choice.

With over 300 million accounts created since the game started, you have a lot of options to choose from. The game's player base has grown in recent years and the game developer has ensured that the game is regularly updated, so getting a high-level account can be a worthwhile investment on your part.

Buying and selling OSRS gold is as simple as buying a RuneScape account online is now more difficult as all these fake sellers and scammers enter the OSRS account market. So how do you secure a good RuneScape account?

These are factors to consider when trying to find the right OSRS account vendor.


Whether you are buying it from a seller on the game forum or on a social network, you should always exercise due diligence when looking for reviews online. This can be difficult with "one-time" sellers, that is, people who only sell one account, so we strongly recommend that you purchase OSRS accounts from a reputable company.

There are several gold RuneScape sites these days that also offer OSRS accounts for sale. If I were you, I'd check it first. It's also very easy to check customer reviews they have received in the past, just go to a trusted third-party review site and enter the name of their site. 

Always refrain from dealing with independent sellers who have not received prior feedback from their customers.


A high-level OSRS account will not be cheap. If you can see an account with good levels but sell for pennies then this is probably a scam. No RuneScape player will sell his account for a few bucks, especially if he is hand-trained, with the right skill level, and with high-quality items.

Avoid buying accounts in countries that engage in heavy real-world trading, such as China and Venezuela. These countries are known to quickly create RuneScape accounts and use bots to quickly level these accounts. You will save yourself a lot of hassle and money if you choose to purchase US or European made accounts.

Protection against fraud

It is known how easy it is to recover OSRS account. Therefore, it is much more difficult to purchase OSRS accounts than RuneScape or gold items. Some sellers sell you your account and let you play for a while, then take the account from you and make it seem like someone else has hacked it.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you use reputable RuneScape account resellers. People with a reputation to protect should be your place to buy OSRS account as committing fraud will surely lead to the downfall of their business.

A good site that we know sells OSRS accounts with no email registered and no recovery is Probemas. This is a great feature as no one else can get the account back from you.

You should also ask if insurance is included if your account is recovered, hacked or banned. Make sure you get all the information you need to use your account properly, from the IP address it was created on, the creation date and any previous passwords used on it.