Types of accounts in OSRS

An OldSchool RuneScape account is an alternate expression for a player profile, character, and even an avatar. As you can imagine, each account has its own credentials which should be owned by one person at a time. Interestingly, one player can have multiple OSRS accounts as long as he is not abusing the game. Like any account, the OSRS account tracks the player's progress and, as mentioned earlier, holds the player accountable for any violations of the Code of Conduct. Additionally, Jagex, the developer of RuneScape, does not allow the trading of OSRS accounts in either the game or the real world. Even so, OSRS accounts are still being sold mercilessly as Jagex may permanently prohibit players from trading their game accounts as they cannot control the real trading.

Players can have multiple OSRS accounts as long as they adhere to the rules set out in the Code of Conduct. In most scenarios, players have one account that they invest the most in, known as the main or main account, and other accounts, called secondary or alternate accounts, which are one-time and are considered solely because they were created for a specific purpose, usually for money. earn.

Types of OSRS accounts

Above all, it is important to get into what is "clean" in OldSchool RuneScape. Pure is an alternate expression for account compilation, such as for example void pure. Pures usually focuses on a specific skill tree rather than leveling up multiple skills at once to be more effective at that particular skill.

There are endless character-building options available in the OSRS system that can be exchanged for Pure Fighting, Pure Skill, also known as Skiler Level 3 and Ironman Mode. Ironman mode isn't entirely clean, but it's an account type, so we're going to get into it shortly anyway.

Pure Combat is a character who is focused and trained in combat skills to excel in the player-versus-player combat scenarios that are common in Wilderness and the Duel Arena. Clean fights prioritize offensive stats like attack and strength while keeping the combat level to a minimum. The most effective way to train pure combat skills is by completing specific missions. Only after completing each necessary task should the player benefit from hand training. Remember that it's a good idea to check which quests are essential for your clean, as it's tempting to complete a quest that looks interesting at first sight without realizing it'll reward you with an unwanted one. ruined in the process.

Skill pure or level 3 Skiler is a clean one that revolves around non-combat related skills and of course focuses on not leveling combat skills beyond level three. Remember that a pure skill can make leveling much more difficult, and some tasks are more difficult because they require combat. Level 3 abilities usually equip the bow without arrows for them to dodge combat, and some even set attack options to stealth to prevent them from gaining combat experience. Pay attention to which quests you choose so as not to ruin your skills.

Finally, Ironman mode is a kind of OldSchool RuneScape account that makes players 100% self-sufficient, meaning players are limited in trading, PvP, remove lost items, group actions, and any other interaction with any player in OSRS. Ironman Mode can only be enabled after Tutorial Island when talking to the Iron Man Tutor, and you can even convert your account to a Standard Account or from the other two Ironman options to Standard Ironman by switching to one of the teachers in Lumbridge to go.

The two options are hardcore ironman and ultimate ironman, and differ from the original only in the number of deaths allowed, the use of benches, and the preservation of items after death; after death, hardcore iron people turn into standard iron people, but the best iron people only lose their items and are reborn. After selecting one of the three Ironman modes, it takes seven days for it to take effect, which means players can change their mind and switch to another Ironman account or standard account within those seven days. Additionally, players may choose to remain in Ironman mode permanently, but will need to contact customer support to cancel this promotion as this cannot be done in-game.