The ‘Runescape’ community is in uproar over controversial cheating ban

The Old-School Runescape community is embroiled in drama due to a permanent ban on content creator Rendi, accusing Jagex of lying about why he was banned.

On July 2, Rendi's account was banned after a video showing how to enter the restricted area without meeting the requirements. While these videos are usually not a problem - Rendi had previously won an award from Jagex for his work of finding and reporting bugs - the developer felt that catching these minor bugs was the reason he got banned.

Following massive community protests accusing Jagex of misconduct, the company released a statement on July 9 claiming that the banned OSRS Accounts were in fact "used for malicious activity", including "the failure of game worlds to duplicate items and wealth." sold for real money. "

In a statement update, Jagex explained that the account locks have nothing to do with the errors shown in the video. They also confirm that the creator had already banned "at least 14" accounts in 2021, while another player associated with the drama received "at least 48" bans at the same time.

While Rendi says it has always been open to reporting bugs, the Jagex update says the company received screenshots showing certain bugs being used up to a month before they were officially reported. Rendi challenged these claims on Twitter as a "huge lie," but Runescape creator Mod Ash stated: "While you can assume the player is telling the whole truth, I'm afraid we disagree.

While players demand that Jagex provide evidence of Rendi's guilt, Mod Ash points out that they have no plans to "share details on techniques for attacking our game worlds." In a direct response to Rendi, former Jagex employee Mat K advised them to submit a topic access request under the Data Protection Act to find out why it was banned. There is confusion on the Old School Runescape subreddit and people are quickly siding with it. The first Reddit post, "FREE RENDI - IT'S ABSURD", has over 24,000 votes in favor.

Since then, there have been discussions - all with hundreds and often thousands of votes in favor - about who is to blame. Of course, there are also others who just like the drama. While it is unlikely that the controversy will be resolved without further Jagex updates, it is interesting to see a subreddit of nearly 600,000 players fully embroiled in this drama. In other news, the co-creator of Halo revealed previously unseen weapons, monsters, and concept art cut from the original game.