5 things OSRS beginners should know

There are many MMORPGs available today, but Old School RuneScape has one thing that many gamers still love and addict to: it's old school. The graphics may be dated compared to newer games on the market, but it's often the nostalgia that draws players to the game. It is also captivating enough for newbies; mainly because it has a free and paid version for those looking to purchase a RuneScape membership for a few dollars a month.

If you're new to this MMORPG, here are 5 important things you need to know as an Old School RuneScape newbie.

OSRS battle classes

All you need to know about the battle classes is that there are four: mages, warriors, monks, and hunters. Mages target a high level of magic - attack power isn't that important. Warriors mainly focus on their strength level, but they also have the highest attack strength in the game when properly trained, as their abilities depend on it more than other types. The strength of the monks is in prayer, while the guardian's main specialty is in ranged skills.

Set the right goals

With so many ways to play, it's important to organize your goals before embarking on this journey. Your character should be optimized for the type of gameplay and style that suits you best!

Do you focus more on PVP combat or crafting when playing this video game as a blacksmith? Do you want to collect and craft materials such as wood for gold? Setting a goal will help you determine how best to play, making it easier for you.

What character do you want to be? Some focus on acquiring new weapons and armor, while others prefer to improve their skills. You have to think about what you enjoy doing the most in an RPG in order to determine which path is right for you.

Make friends early

One of the best things about Old School RuneScape is how easy it is to make friends. Friends are invaluable in this game as they are all you have when your skills get too hard for you and other players start competing against each other. Plus, having a friend makes your training less boring - someone else to talk to or ask for help.

It doesn't take much to make friends in the game. Just look for players who train similar skills or are trying to trade certain items and offer your help with their quests. In return, they can just become a valuable ally you can rely on when the going gets tough!

Follow the online OSRS guides

This game has notoriously difficult missions and achievements. This is one of the main reasons players love it so much. But if you've been struggling for too long, check out the online guides to help you complete a quest or an in-game challenge. With these helpful tips, you can see tips from other players that will greatly enhance your experience

Try the OSRS mini-games ASAP

When you're not looting, collecting, or storytelling in OSRS, sometimes it's nice to just sit back and enjoy random mini-games. These games are very addictive, so try them out!

Mini-games are addictive, fast-paced games that will keep you from getting bored. You can play one of four free mini-games: Castle Wars, Clan Wars, Duel Arena or Last Man Standing. These small and exciting challenges allow players to earn experience points and earn OSRS gold.