What is the maximum level in Runescape?

Runescape is one of the longest running and most loved MMOs available today. Whether you're a new player or someone who has grown consistently over the past decade, you'll hit the level cap at some point.

Level caps are added to games for a variety of reasons, mainly to keep players from getting too strong and end-game content from getting too easy.

Both Runescape and OSRS have level limits. And since both have been around for years, many players have contacted them, some repeatedly.

What is the maximum level in Runescape?

Runescape has levels for each individual skill, but they make up the overall player level. The maximum total tier varies between OSRS accounts, with free accounts limited to 1,750 and premium members limited to 2,772.

To reach this number, you need to max level 99 for each skill individually, and you'll have the chance to purchase the highly acclaimed Max Cape, a visual way to show off your achievement to local players.

OSRS has a slightly lower tier cap and free players can only reach 1395 and premium members 1782.

You accumulate XP when you reach the highest level in the game. This number is then used to determine your place on the leaderboard as everyone on the top will be at the same maximum level.

Hitting 99 points on any skill is no easy task and will provide players with tons of content to work on. If you're planning on securing the Max Cape, it's best to start leveling up today.