Hardcore Deadman Mode Is Back In OSRS

With $20,000 Prize To The Top Player. Six years ago was when Jagex first took Old School RuneScape players for a (very unsafe) ride on its Deadman servers, a hardcore PvP experience with greatly accelerated XP gain and punishing death penalties.

Jagex ran three or four seasonal competitions per year, challenging the best players to persevere against the odds, with a cash prize going to the ultimate survivor. The last of these competitions took place in May 2020, but now it's back, with several changes for 2021.

The new experience is being called Deadman: Reborn and the details of its implementation can be found on the OSRS website. Major changes from previous versions are a three life system, whereby if you lose your last of three "lives" in PvP, even the contents of your safety deposit box and your most valuable banked items will go to your killer; combat level worlds, which limit access based on level, so you'll at least have somewhat fair fights; and a "PJ timer," which allows you a breather of 9.6 seconds where you can't be attacked if you're coming fresh of another fight.

The "BIGGEST change" (their emphasis) comes in the form of Sigils, which offer powerful buffs that can be swapped out any time you're in a safe zone and not skulled. They come in three tiers, with the highest only being available on high combat level worlds.

The Deadman: Reborn season runs for one month and is open to anybody with a member for OSRS account. At the end of the month, the best 2,048 will be paired off into a series of 1v1 duels, cutting the field in half and then again and again, and so forth, until just one victor is crowed. As with previous Deadman tournaments, money will be on the line: $20,000 for the winner, $10,000 for second place, and $1,000 for third and fourth. Let's just hope it avoids the mess of the March 2018 Deadman finals.