Runescape streamer voldemartlive loses 30 billion gold staged

RuneScape Streamer is losing 30 billion gold in front of the family, but has it been staged? As with many MMOs, in-game items and gold have become valuable assets in RuneScape, and both individual players and companies exchange them for real money. Trading in-game items in the real world is considered a violation of the rules and can lead to a ban, but it is also a lucrative way to earn real money for people who play RuneScape. As a result, many players found ways to circumvent the rules.

Both versions of RuneScape offer player-versus-player combat in the form of several PvP modes, including one called Duel Arena. After being killed by another player in the Duel Arena, the winning player receives whatever the defeated character carries as a reward.

On August 26, Twitch streamer VoldemartLive played Old School RuneScape and entered the Duel Arena with 30 billion gold, which is about $ 15,000 in real money. As soon as he entered the Arena, the streamer started screaming about his health, cursing and calling for help. While his wife and child were sitting on a nearby bench, VoldemartLive was killed by another player within 15 seconds, losing all of his gold. VoldemartLive momentarily disappeared from the screen while his wife was apparently in shock and covered her mouth with her hand. The streamer then returned to the screen and began banging the controller against a chair while his young son looked confused. His wife then covered the baby's face and hurried out of the room.

The people who watched the VoldemartLive incident have two minds. Some believe the confrontation was genuine, but most seem to think it was staged. The main argument of those who believe the VoldemartLive gold loss is real is that his toddler was sitting nearby and might have been surprised by screams or hurt when a streamer started breaking his controller. It is also known that the person who killed VoldemartLive is part of the group that posted videos where he is camping in the Duel Arena spawn zone, killing players for billions of gold.

On the other hand, those who believed that the incident was fake point out that having a wife and child nearby would authenticate a staged PvP death to conceal the real trade. Other elements of the film lean towards this side of the dispute. First, even entering the Duel Arena with so much gold, VoldemartLive is suspicious as it seems doubtful that anyone would risk losing items of so much real value. Second, the streamer died almost immediately without any real attempt to defend himself. Live broadcasting of death would be the documented explanation for the sudden absence of 30 billion OSRS gold in his inventory. Others believe a woman would know if her husband's in-game items were worth $ 15,000, but when VoldemartLive started screaming about his health, she didn't seem to take it seriously and even had a visible smile.