The OSRS Deadman: Reborn Esports 2021 tournament has started

On August 25, 2021, Old School RuneScape brought back the Deadman: Reborn PVP esports tournament! This is the closest to RuneScape esports at the moment, but could that mean something bigger is on the way? Some major changes have been made to make it as intense and exciting as possible with $ 32,000 at stake. However, there can only be one true champion. But what will change with the Deadman: Reborn esports tournament in 2021 for Old School RuneScape?

Three lives, Plenty of Risk:

Perhaps the biggest change to Deadman: Reborn in 2021 in this RuneScape Esports event is the Three Life system. When players respawn in the game, they have three lives. The first two kills give no xp. However, after a player's last death, they lose all Battle XP, 10% Skill XP, but luckily they don't lose any quest progress. If you're concerned that incredibly powerful characters just show up to trample on newbies looking to participate, something has been introduced this year to help with that as well.

Battle level ladder worlds will be of great help here. They will act as a barrier to prevent higher-level players from appearing and destroying weaker players immediately. Personally, this writer is very fond of this change. Deadman seals were also introduced, inspired by the Old School RuneScape Leagues. These are gameplay enhancements and are available on three tiers. Each of them will be more powerful than the previous one and will affect combat, skills and utility. You can also get other seals from NPCs as drops and can buy / sell them on the Grand Exchange.

Rob Hendry, Executive Producer of Old School RuneScape, spoke of returning:

“Yes, Deadman is back and the danger is everywhere! We're really excited to see our new approach to this beloved tournament unfold over the next four grueling weeks. It's not for the faint of heart - it's hectic, frustrating and exciting in equal measure. The smarts and skills of the players are put to the test, and the winner can rightly call himself the best of the best! Will you be ruthless enough?

It's almost time for the Deadman: Reborn finale. Taking place on September 17, over 2,000 elite players will face off in Phase 1v1. The best PPVer comes to the top and makes Old School RuneScape history with a $ 20,000 win also. Second place gets 10,000, 3/4 gets 1,000, and 5-16 get a 12-month subscription. We are very excited to see how RuneScape can go ahead in esports and do a lot to showcase the classic MMO.

To participate, you need an OSRS account with an existing membership and the courage to go through it.