Quickly increase your HP in Old School Runescape

Earning HP is essential for character development in OSRS, and there are many ways to get HP. game. Obviously, the more HP you have, the more likely you are to be successful in both PvP and boss battles, winning those coveted unique rewards along the way. If you are new to the game, there are many ways to increase your HP quickly so you can improve your character's stats and develop more of the storyline.

Train your skills

While you will eventually get HP in battles, the only way to win consistently is to make sure you have trained enough first. If you are a low to medium level player then head to Sand Crabs in Greater Korend where you can train to improve your strength and defense. There are monsters in this location, which will also give you around 60 HP, and training will help you hit accurately. You should also train your attack to have a better chance of defeating enemies and opponents.

Take on the bosses

Boss fights in OSRS are the best place to collect large amounts of HP. The main Runescape bosses can be found at the end of quests or in mini-games. The Assassin's Boss with the most HP is the Alchemical Hydra, which can be found in the Karuulm Assassin's Dungeon. The Runescape Hydra OSRS Guide says that a snake cannot be killed with poison, but can be defeated with a Twisted Bow and gain a massive 1100 HP.

Player versus player

Player vs Player (PvP) also gives you a valuable opportunity to increase your HP. To participate in PvP battles, you must go to the Wilderness area in Runescape. Two players can fight each other as long as they have a similar combat level. However, be careful because the wilderness is one of the most dangerous areas of the game. Here you'll find the fearsome Black Dragon King and Spider Venanatis, east of the Bone Shipyard.

Earning HP allows your character to win in battle and increase the chances of obtaining unique items. By participating in battles, you can quickly advance and get OSRS gold.