The best ways to earn money in RuneScape

If you are new to RuneScape, you may be wondering how to finance your skills training. Training a lot of skills in RuneScape is expensive, it takes tens or hundreds of millions of coins to reach 99! Below are the best ways to earn money regardless of your RuneScape skill level!

Purchase and sale of bonds

Probably the easiest - and most controversial - way to get your bag of money bigger is to buy bonds with real money, then flip it over and sell it for OSRS gold on the Grand Exchange. Each bond costs $ 6.99 and can be sold for around 32 million coins. To put this into perspective, 32 million coins could fund training up to 75 for possibly two or three of the 28 skills in the game. As with all things in RuneScape, bonds are governed by the laws of supply and demand, so keep an eye on prices and sell when it's best for you.

Collecting pale energy

This method is intended for lower tier players with an active membership. Pale Energy can be harvested on Fortune-telling level 1 and sold for 166 coins for energy. You can convert your collected pale memories into extra energy, at the expense of EXP, of course, to further increase your winnings. You can expect to earn around 350,000 coins per hour from this, which is not bad for a level 1 skill. You will find the Pale Wisp colony to the southeast of Draynor Village.

Incense sticks

If you have at least 50 million coins in your bank and are wondering how to earn even more from it, you can make incense. Incense sticks are useful items that provide various buffs for 10 minutes and can be extended and increased up to 60 minutes. These effects range from extra experience to extra elite respawn speeds, so they're highly sought after. To earn money efficiently and on time, buy ingredients from the Great Stock Exchange. For example, Impious Willow incense and Clean Spirit Weed together cost around 22,000 coins, but when added to the final product - in this case spirit incense - they can be turned over and sold for around 36,000 coins! Always check what incense sticks you can make and material prices compared to the finished product before purchasing bulk materials.


If you're a higher tier player, chances are you have the right skill levels and gear to defeat some of Gielinor's worst bosses. Which boss you face depends on several factors: what skills you have at or near the maximum level, what equipment you have for your fighting styles, and how much time you can spend on that boss's farm.

For example, Solak is arguably one of the more profitable bosses in the game, but on average a player can expect 3 to 5 kills per hour, with near-max skills. Much depends on your luck when it comes to loot, so you can face an easier boss that can kill you many more times per hour, but at the cost of less valuable loot. Popular types to use for mid-range players are King Black Dragon, Kalphite Queen, and Dagonnoth Kings. Chaos Elemental is also a choice, but it is located in the wild, so watch out for player-killers! Players at higher levels can watch God Wars, Elder God Wars dungeons, and even Barrows Brothers.