​Learn OSRS Shades of Mort'ton Minigame Rework with Changes

The rework of Shades of Morton OSRS was published in January 2021. Here you could learn changes to the Colors of Morton minigame.

Rework of Shades of Morton minigame

The Colors of Mort'ton is a minigame in which you can create pyre logs into cremating shades in hopes that you will find a key to unlock exceptional chests. You have to complete the Colors of Mort'ton pursuit to play this minigame. Combat, Crafting, Firemaking, and Prayer adventure can be got by playing this game.

The development team plans to rework the Shades of Mort'ton minigame.

Proposed changes to Shades of Morton OSRS

Here are some suggested modifications to the Shades of Morton minigame:

1. There will be Urum shade OSRS, the new highest tier of shade. If you burn off Fiyr stays, there is a little chance to acquire a golden key necessary to get these new golden sunglasses. Burning Urum remains will always render a gold key. Urum shades will probably be based in a brand new area of the catacombs.

2. Each room inside the catacombs will have a stone coffin. When opening chests, these coffins have a chance at nearing another brand new color the Diyn shade OSRS. Diyn remains may be burnt on the Altar of the Damned, which protects the sanity to make it to be used for prayer restoration. Diyn shades have a greater chance of emerging from the higher-tiered areas.

3. The catacombs layout is going to be reworked. The development team will alter the construction of the dungeon, and replace the present design resources with the assets utilized in other neighboring dungeons in the northeast region.

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