OSRS added a new Group Ironman challenge mode

The Ironman mode in Old School RuneScape is all about solitude. A special account type requires you to settle the game without trading, PvP or other group activities. Starting today, Ironman mode gets a big new change. Now you can only play together. Jagex has now added the ability to form a group of up to five players who will go out into the world as an Ironman team to face all the biggest OSRS villains as a crew.

“Groups of two to five players can unite and face Gielinor's fiercest beasts,” says Jagex. “They can also trade their resources among themselves, visit new group warehouses, and visit players' homes. Groups can even compete for leaderboard positions and prove that their gang is the biggest Old School RuneScape supergroup.”

As with the Ironman solo, players create a new OSRS account and go to The Node. There you can create a group of up to five people, select a team leader and name, and register with an Ironman teacher. Jagex will share the rest of the registration and group mechanical details in its announcement today.

Personally, I always enjoy showing off some of the MMO, which the Ironman groups have the opportunity to do. Jagex says grouped Ironman players have a special name tag that separates them from other players and individual Ironman players. They also get a special armor outfit with large Roman numerals on the chest to indicate the size of their group. I admit I'd be a crew member idling through the cities to brag freely about my participation in the challenge mode.

Jagex explains in today's press release that any addition to Old School RuneScape will be voted on by the players and must receive a 75% majority of the vote to pass. The Ironman Group Poll was the most voted poll to date, with a total of 140,000 player votes and 80% approval.

Jagex has made a few fixes since the launch of Group Ironman mode to address crashes and group startup issues or loss of Ironman status issues. You can also see these details at the top of their post.