The upcoming RuneScape Halloween event

During today's developer live stream, Jagex revealed the details of the upcoming Halloween event for RuneScape. The live stream was attended by Mod Hooli's community manager, Mod Spear live stream producer and Mod Zura junior content creator. Celebrating Halloween has become a tradition for Jagex as it is the 18th Halloween event to be released for the popular MMORPG.

This year's event will be a continuation of last year's. Once again, it will be held at the Halloween Hub at Draynor Manor. Three of the four mini-tasks and activities that took part in the last year are making a comeback. In addition, there will be two new mini-tasks and activities to complete.

What's new?

The first new activity is the hack-and-slash-inspired game mode where you defeat thousands of skeletons. The player has to jump between them to kill them while using special abilities that have a cooldown to speed up the process. Completing this activity will grant you Spooky Tokens, Assassin Experience, and Magic Experience.

Another new activity in this year's RuneScape Halloween event is shooting Cassians cannons. As the name implies, it involves cannon shooting at krass monsters to gain the Hunter and Fishing experience. There are three lanes for Krassie to go down. By switching between each line and shooting Krassian, you can maximize the experience gained. This works similar to tower defense games like Plants vs. zombies.

You can spend any Spooky Tokens you've earned by taking part in these activities in the Spooky Death Reward Shop. In this store, Death sells the returning cosmetics from last year's party, as well as some brand new items. Additionally, Jagex uses this event to bring back cosmetic items from several other Halloween events in the past. For the first time in several years, players will have the opportunity to get some of these cosmetics.

The final upgrade comes in the form of a Spooky Time Bonus Edition. During last year's event, this buff randomly triggered the Buffer Experience gained in Draynor Manor by 10%. This year, however, the improvement will be applied every three hours, which will make planning easier. Additionally, the experience bonuses of Spooky Timer while active have been increased to 12%. Ironmen and Ironwomen accounts cannot take advantage of this bonus, nor can they purchase Experience Lamps and Stars from the Reward Store.

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