OSRS - How to complete the Arrav Quest Shield

The Shield of Arrava mission is a medium-length mission with a difficulty level for beginners. It is not one that will give you too much trouble or OSRS GP, but there are a few factors to consider. Of course, you need 20 OSRS gold for this, but the most important requirement for the quest is having a player you can trust. This is essential for a successful quest, so choose a loved one or a player you can rely on.

How do I start a search?

This quest starts with going to Varrock Palace. Go to the library to talk to Reldo. In the area, you will notice that there is a bookcase with a light blue book on it. Start reading it, then come back to talk to Reldo.

Now, in the future, you can join two gangs. You will need both shield halves to complete this task. It is not about finding the right OSRS items for sale as we have to go through this to find the essential part of the assignment to get our reward. Next, we'll look at what you need to do to join each of these gangs. Let's start with the Phoenix Gang.

How to join the Phoenix gang

Go to Varrock Square and talk to Baraek. You'll find him here at the fur trade, so talk to him to learn more about the gang. From there, we go to the shelter itself, which is also located in Varrock. To get there, head southeast to the building in the lower corner. Those who cannot locate this location should head west of the Mage of Zamorak. Inside, you need to go down the ladder to the basement.

Then talk to Straven here, then go to Varrock's Blue Moon Inn to receive an information report. With that in mind, the Blue Moon Inn is our next target where we need to kill Jonny Beard. Then return the report to Straven. You are now part of the Phoenix Gang, which means we can finally get the shield piece. To do this, go to the south-west part of the hideout, where you will find a chest. Open them to get half of the Arrava Shield. You can now go to a friend or partner of the player to trade with them for the Weapon Shop key.

How to join Black Arm Gang?

Alternatively, you can get a half shield by joining the Black Arm Gang. Stick to the Varrock area, go to the south entrance and talk to Charlie the Tramp. Once done, head down the alley to find a hideout for the Black Hand Gang. Talk to Katrine here before trading your partner with the weapon shop key you need.

Return to Varrock and head southeast. Eventually you'll find another ladder in the room that is part of the Chaos Altar building. At this point, you have the key we need to use to get up the ladder here. After climbing the ladder, you can use the telekinetic grasping technique to get the Pheonix crossbows, or you can take out the weapon master yourself. Whichever method you choose, we'll take them back to Katrine.

This way you will become a member of the Black Arm Gang, which means we can go upstairs for half the shield. There should be a wardrobe next to the stairs, in which the other half of the shield is located. From here, take it back to the Varrock Museum to find and talk to Curator Haig Halen. Your partner should now sell you half of the certificate so that you can combine it to create a complete certificate. Our last stop is King Roald at the castle, who needs a certificate. Doing this will end the task.

There you have it, you've completed the OSRS Shield of Arrava quest. Having a reliable partner makes this process much easier. You also don't have to worry about buying OSRS gold to get ready. Another reliable player is your main target in this quest. If you get it, you will soon be collecting rewards in the form of OSRS GP, quest points and even praise that you can collect at the Varrock Museum.