Defeat the new TzHaar boss in Elder God Wars RuneScape

The new Elder God Wars Challenge brings us back to Tzhaar. A lot had happened before that. Let's take a look back before moving on to the new challenge:

Years ago, RuneScape had the ultimate challenge. I am of course talking about the Battle Cave. In this ordeal you had to deal with increasingly difficult waves of enemies before finally encountering TzTok-Jad in wave 62. The strongest monster in the game at the time. It was impossible to use the couch and take breaks during these 62 waves. In the beginning, it may take 3 hours to complete this challenge. Not all of them succeeded. Personally, I also had to take this challenge up to 3 times before I finally got my final reward: the Legendary Fire Cape.

For years, the Fire Cape remained the best cape for a RuneScape player. The cape had the best melee bonuses and was animated. That alone made the hunt worthwhile. In 2012, Jagex introduced the Combat Furnace. Another challenge with lava monsters in another multi-wave battle. The beasts in this challenge are very similar to their Fight Cave predecessors, but are stronger and look slightly different. 

There are also some new monsters. The strongest boss in the Battle Cave has appeared no less than 7 times during the Fight Kiln challenge. The final boss was many times stronger than Jad, but eventually gave players a new ultimate reward: Tok-Haar Kal. New Best in Slot cape for hand-to-hand combat and later also for ranged weapons and magic weapons.


Nine years later, at the end of 2021, it is time for a new challenge in the world of Tzhaar. Another golf challenge with Elder God General Ful: TzKal-Zuk at the end. Defeat the army and this boss to get another Best in Slot cape. You receive the Igneous stone after you defeat the boss (as long as you don't use the checkpoints). If you combine this stone with the Tok-Haar Kal Cape (from the Furnace of Combat), you will receive the new best Cape: Igneous Kal. This time, however, there are more rewards to unlock. You can unlock the boss's weapon as a T95 2H sword called Ek-ZekKil, a new magical ability, a full book of gods and of course a pet and skin if you're lucky with the RNG gods.