RuneScape History book full of "rumors, information and works of art"

RuneScape: The First 20 Years - An Illustrated History is launching internationally. The book of history covers every era of the popular MMO, from the time it was developed by three brothers in their kitchen.

The 224-page book features interviews with the key characters behind the game's success, as well as never-before-seen concept art. Curated by journalist Alex Calvin, the book will also focus on the "memories, adventures, stories and friendships" that shaped the game's boom in 2000.

RuneScape's lead designer Dave Osborne commented on the milestone and explained to TheGamer what fans both old and new can expect from the book.

"If you haven't played from the start, you may not know how low-fi everything was," says Osborne. "For example, with the Gower brothers who created RuneScape in the comfort of the family kitchen separated by curtain walls. We talked to the Gowers about that time and afterwards, so you hear what it was like to be at the helm of a game."

Osborne also says the book will also be full of "high-quality rumors" from this classic RuneScape era before most fans jumped on board. And for gamers who think they know it all, there is also a book section dedicated to a previously unannounced expansion that never saw the light of day.

Osborne also commented on the game's success and why he thinks he is still doing well two decades later.

"Our gamers aged with us and we saw them grow out of game fans into voting and promising game designers," says Osborne. He also suspects that his continued success is due to the fact that RuneScape is equal opportunities without classes. "More than any other game I have played, I am an avatar - it is a combination of everything I have achieved in RuneScape, and this is extremely valuable to our players."

RuneScape: The First 20 Years - An Illustrated History is launching internationally and can be picked up for £ 33.99 ($39.99).

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