RuneScape brings back one of the rarest items in the game

Developer Jagex delves into the RuneScape archives to bring back "the rarest item in its 20-year history": the golden party hat.

In the new event, which runs from now until January 3, 2022, players can earn a new version of the classic "Partyhat," an item that was initially only available during the 2001 holiday event. Originally available in red, yellow, green, blue, purple or white, the RuneScape mission 'The Golden Party Hat Hunt' allows players to unlock one of the highly coveted metallic gloss cosmetics.

Since party hats were initially only available in a limited number for a short time and have since been retired, any player lucky enough to own them can sell them for billions of in-game coins. While the hats are purely decorative and offer no statistical bonuses, they are currently the most expensive item on the Grand Exchange, peaking at 2.1 billion OSRS gold in 2015.

To earn or equip the Golden Party Hat, players must complete "different objectives" and earn eight Gold Shards for their efforts. Once you've collected all eight, you can put them together to make a golden party hat. However, the event is not only limited in time, but only one golden hat can be created per player. Like their 2001 predecessors, Jagex says of the Golden Hats "can never be earned after the closing date!"

Whether the new item breaks the in-game economy and lowers the value of existing party hats, or becomes a new, even more premium item remains to be seen. Nevertheless, Jagex marks the occasion and transforms the game's Grand Exchange location into "Golden Party Hat winter wonderland".

The Golden Hat is the culmination of RuneScape's annual 20th anniversary. With the recurring party hats event, the fourth and final installment of the year-long anniversary quest of Once Upon a Time begins.

The chapter, aptly named Finale, is described as "the end of an adventure that explores the past, present, and future of RuneScape and brings the story to the end of Relomia, the antagonist of this quest."

In the Final, players will visit three locations - the Black Knight's Fortress, World Gate, and Kami-Shima Island - that may provide an insight into a possible future. Completing the chapter will reward players with "four quest points, a new T5 magic die, the penultimate reward track unlocked with May's Quest Point Caravan, Medium XP Lamp, Shadow Rip Home Teleport Relomia cosmetic override, two Treasure Hunter keys" further surprises to discover. "