RuneScape wants you to fearlessly fight the monsters by freeing Frank's death

There are several ways to enjoy an open-world MMORPG. It's mostly PvE, but some people prefer challenges over PvP. In PvE, some players go to great lengths to avoid dying. This is because in many games, death means you lose experience points. RuneScape turns everything upside down, releasing Fran's Free Deaths.

So what does it do? For four weeks, players receive free deaths from various bosses. This means that everyone has the chance to face great evil at no cost. In any case, it's a nice way to find out how bosses are moving, especially for those who haven't met them yet.

This is not only for the benefit of the players. The RuneScape team is also taking this opportunity to gather useful data for future decisions. The team seems to want to make an overall estimate of the cost of death.

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For Frank's free deaths, the recommended bosses for this week are:

   Barrows (Solo)

   Barrows: Rise of the Six (1-4 players)

   Nex: Angel of Death (7 players recommended)

A Merry Christmas

Frank's Free Deaths arrives in the game with an update that also brings Christmas. It is actually starting to look like Christmas and even the bosses are starting to look festive. Some seasonal in-game events have already started, such as the annual Advent Calendar. Don't forget to work your way to the special prize, the Horizon Sword.

Another event in the game is the hunt for golden party hats, which will last until January 3rd. This one allows players to complete various tasks to get the RuneScape legend headgear. That said, don't forget to take part in the Wintumber Aurora Yak circuit, which runs until January 9th.

Grab Some Merch

Starting tomorrow, players looking to add something to their collection will receive RuneScape: The First 20 Years for their ebook reader. It is available from Amazon, Apple Books, and other digital book platforms. If you want the physical version, you can buy it from the gadget store.

Speaking of the store, there are other things that will celebrate some of the game's iconic moments from the last 20 years. These include the Stone of Jas Limited Edition Pin, the Master Quest Cape, and Trimmed Divination Skillcape Keyrings.

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