OSRS - How to get to Hosidius

Hosidius is an important location in Old School Runescape.

Gamers looking to get there should read on as we'll take a closer look at what makes this place so special.

So pick up your OSRS GP and any needed items when we go to Hosidius.

What is Hosidius OSRS?

In OSRS, Hosidius is located in Great Korend and serves as one of the five cities of the kingdom. At the head of the city is the head of Hosidius House, Lord Kandur Hosidius. The main exports from the city are cooking, agriculture and agriculture. Their job is to provide food to the people of Greater Korend, including the Shayzien army. As for who to worship, there is a small division here. Most of the locals worship Saradomin, though there are a few who are considered outcasts by the Zamorak cult.

Given its status as a place to grow crops and provide similar food, Hosidius is in great demand. There must be a large piece of land for cultivation. With that in mind, it is easy to see that it has more land than the other four cities in the kingdom. While it was one of the last cities to rise in the kingdom, it is an area that is actually made up of half the other cities. This is due to the famine that struck Great Korend, in which Lord Hosidius IV decided to use this extra land for food production.

How to get to OSRS Hosidius

We now have a bit of background when it comes to Hosidius, but we still need to figure out how to get there. Fortunately, we don't lack ways to find where it is. For starters, if you've collected enough OSRS Gold to earn your own home, you can use the player's home portal.

Some OSRS items for sale may also be of use there. If you have purchased the Xerica Talisman online or have your own, use it to Teleport to the Xerica Glade. This will take you to a place near a farming area in the area. Another choice would be to use the Book of the Dead or Kharedst's diaries. This way, you can get closer to Lunch via the lancallium teleport, although first you need to complete The Depths of Despair quest.

When it comes to teleports, there is also a Teleporter to Kourend Castle. To get there, head east from Kingstown and then head south until you reach the coast. Another option is to teleport to the Tithing Farm mini-game, but you need to get 100% Hosidius's favor and try to visit the minigame area first.

If you are near the Forthos ruins, head southeast. Here you will find a Spirit Tree Bed, on which you can of course plant a Spirit Tree. This is another thing that requires Hosidius's favor, though in this case you only need 35%.

Obtain the grace of Hosidius

To deserve Hosidius's favor, you can take part in several different quests. While we don't need to find OSRS gold for sale to complete the quests, they do take some work. Basically, you'll find ways to produce food for your soldiers to start with.

Eventually, you'll gain access to the kitchen in the city, meaning you'll have less worry about burning your food. In the future, you will gain access to the aforementioned Ghost Tree, as well as farming guilds and lumberjacks. We can also check out the Tithe Farm mini-game, which is especially useful if you are looking for ways to increase your farming levels. The Architectural Alliance miniquest can also be completed, although 100% Hosidius grace is required. After doing this, go to the courtyard of Korend Castle to talk to Hosa.

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