​How to make RS3 Gold

Making gold in RuneScape 3 can be tough if you’re first getting started. This guide will walk you through the best process of earning RuneScape3 gold within the game.

Most players will gravitate to things like bossing to earn gold. Unfortunately, it isn’t that efficient unless you’re able to kill the best bosses in the game, which requires very high levels and expensive starting gear. That means your priority focus should be on utilizing skilling for your money-making methods.


If you have level 35 Firemaking, which isn’t hard to achieve within a couple of hours (just burn some trees you can chop down at the Grand Exchange), you’ve already got access to a fantastic money-making method.

By adding herbs to incense sticks, which is specifically the combination of Impious Willow Incense sticks and Clean Spirit weed, you can make roughly 15 million gold per hour. This does require some gold for the initial items, but you can simply buy a small amount to start with and then sell your output to buy more supplies.

You may think: how am I able to make such a large quantity of RuneScape 3 gold at such a low level? The thing is, this method focuses on gold output (or profit) per hour as opposed to experience per hour. So, you’ll still gain roughly 50,000 Firemaking experience per hour, but it’s not something that’s highly optimized to train Firemaking in the long term.

However, each method you use should be used as a stepping stone. The method described here is perfect if you’re a beginner or an intermediate player. With this method, you’ll be able to easily buy supplies for other skills and train them up efficiently. Eventually, you’ll be able to do methods such as bossing to make even RS3 gold per hour! And you’ll only be in a suitable position to do so because of starting with this method, allowing you to efficiently train your combat skills and buy the armour and weapons you will need for various bosses.