Het’s Oasis replaces RuneScape's Duel Arena PvP mode

In March 2004, developer Jagex introduced RuneScape fans to Duel Arena. It was an Al-Kharid region dedicated to PvP where players could bet on valuable items and the winner took everything. However, 17 years after its debut, it was removed from RuneScape and replaced with new content, Het’s Oasis.

Het’s Oasis is a skill area created after a mysterious earthquake that destroyed the Duel Arena for good. It includes activities that practice the three skills: agility, farming and hunter. In addition, it offers access to two new mini-quests that tell the next part of the ongoing Elder God Wars storyline.

Together in the desert

The earthquake has ruined the Het’s Oasis and the RuneScape community needs to fix it. The Community Event will take place in the next two weeks (until January 16), giving players the chance to refresh the new area. At the end of the event, Het's Oasis will receive a fresh coat of paint and reveal its true form.

By participating in the restore, players can earn various rewards. This includes experience in selected skills, unique cosmetics, and never-before-seen drop enhancers. These Loot Boosters work on all four Elder God Wars dungeon bosses and greatly increase the chance of receiving rare loot from them.

As for the OSRS quests, they must be completed to gain access to the new archaeological relic. After completing Eye of Het I and Eye of Het II, players unlock the Relic Blessing. This artifact increases the healing of both food and potions by 10%. The first mini-quest is available now, and the second part will be released on January 10th.

Finally, there are several types of flowers and scarabs that are new to RuneScape at Het's Oasis. They are used to create various useful items, such as the new Summoning family, which slows down the pace of emptying prayer points. Flowers can also be turned into a honeycomb, useful for raising cattle on the Ardougne Farm.