RuneScape is getting an official board game and tabletop RPG

Steamforged Games has announced a partnership with developer Jagex to bring RuneScape to the tables later this year. The MMORPG receives not one, but two new board versions: a board game and a role-playing board game. The board game is coming to Kickstarter this year, and the RPG board game will hit the stores.

Both games are inspired by the fantastic world of RuneScape, Gielinor. They will use characters, adventures and locations that have made MMORPG famous throughout its long history. The board game sends one to five players on a quest based campaign across the land of Gielinor. According to the official Steamforged announcement, players will "create and improve equipment, fine-tune their characters, prepare special recipes, interact with NPCs and test their skills while exploring different regions of the world." As with MMORPGs, players will also encounter side quests to spice up the game world.

The TTRPG, meanwhile, will consist of a beautifully illustrated base book filled with the information players will need to run RuneScape TTRPG. It allows players to build their own characters and travel to the realm of Gielinor to create "unique and exciting missions". In addition, the base TTRPG book will be "fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world's most popular tablet RPG ruleset."

This new venture will be the first time RuneScape will be available outside of the digital platform, which is something Jagex CEO Phil Mansell is excited about:

"As it has been available exclusively in digital for over 21 years, working with Steamforged has been extremely exciting to create and deliver RuneScape RPG adventures for table games ... I'm sure RuneScape and Old School RuneScape players will be delighted to be able to get their hands on their hands-on . on planned thumbnails to create your own adventures. "

Of course, if you're jumping from a video game to a board game, Steamforged Games is the perfect partner to do just that. The board game enthusiast has adapted several video game features for tablets, including Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil, and Dark Souls. With those in the forefront, this new RuneScape venture will please both old and new fans.

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