Old School Runescape vs Runescape 3

Runescape is one of the biggest MMOs in the world, but it's not really an MMO, it's two MMOs: Old School Runescape (OSRS) and Runescape 3 (also known as Runescape or RS3). As you'd expect, Old School is an older version of the game, but ironically, it came after Runescape 3. If that sounds confusing, it's because it is. Even Runescape fans find it hard to remember all the little differences between the games. In this article, we will tell you what you need to know about the differences between Old School Rune and Runescape 3.

Game engine and graphics

While Runescape 3 is technically an older game than Old School Runescape, it's only because OSRS was released in 2013, but is actually a backup of 2007's Runescape 2. However, since its release in 2013 as Old School Runescape, the game has changed a lot from its 2007 base code.

Runescape 3 is a truly modern video game with a modern game engine. It features shadows, ambient occlusion, volumetry, bloom, high definition textures, weather effects, particle effects, tremendous render distance, fully customizable and adjustable user interface, unlimited frames per second, ultra-wide support, and many, many other features.

Basically, if you're playing any other modern MMO, Runescape 3 will have a very similar set of effects and features. In addition, Runescape 3 performs beautifully. Even in crowded places, the game works well in MMOs. Obviously your mileage will be configuration dependent, but Runescape 3 also has very low requirements and scales well with a variety of hardware configurations.

Old School Runescape has some modern features compared to the 2007 version, such as support for modern resolutions, a user interface that scales better for modern screens, etc., but there is no reason to play Old School Runescape with its official client. like Ty Runescape plays 3 with his official client.

Thanks to Old School Runescape, there are tons of third-party customers that have so many features that even Runescape 3 can't compete. RuneLite is the most popular and best performing OSRS client, but there are many other options. However, RuneLite is officially supported by Jagex. While RuneLite and third parties offer tons of features, from graphics updates to quality-of-life features and much more, some things are server or engine dependent and cannot be modified by anyone but Jagex.

There are a lot of modern game features that aren't available in Old School Runescape, but when it comes to gameplay features, there are many more OSRS tweaks and additions than Runescape 3. Basically, no matter what kind of UI enhancement you want to make, any information you may wish for are possibly available on RuneLite.

Microtransactions, loot boxes and monetization

Old School Runescape has no micropayments or loot boxes and the game is free to play. You can subscribe to Runescape for $ 10.99 per month (or less if you pay upfront for a longer subscription), and you can also access Runescape 3 and Old School Runescape with the same subscription. There is a lot of content behind membership, but you can easily play Old School Runescape for hundreds of hours on a free-to-play account.

The only other attribute of Old School Runescape's earnings is bonds. Bonds are in-game items that you can buy and sell with in-game gold or real money that you can deposit into your account to become a premium member. This means that it is entirely possible that you will never have to pay for Runescape while still enjoying the fully paid game, as long as you spend a few hours a month grinding gold.

Runescape 3 is a different beast. Membership works similarly in Runescape 3, but there are other ways the game can earn in addition to membership and bonds. The game has a standard in-game micropayment store that sells a variety of items for real money.

Then there's the loot box system to open treasure chests for a random chance of rewards. These rewards are typically XP that you can apply to your chosen skill. It is perfectly possible to get all skills up to 99 in the Loot Shop, although it will cost you many, many thousands of dollars. However, if you play Runescape 3 in Ironman mode, the loot shop will be removed from the game entirely.

Ironman Mode, available on both RS3 and OSRS, is a challenge mode with various restrictions, but the main one is that you can't use the Grand Exchange or trade players, so you have to be completely self-sufficient.

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