Both love and war await you in the latest RuneScape update

The latest Runescape update is now live and starts the War's Reckoning event, as well as the Valentine's Day celebration and preparations for the upcoming Double XP event.

War's Reckoning is approaching and this event has several twists and turns. The horror movies are coming on February 28, but it's time to prepare for the first. From February 7 to February 28, you can prepare to crawl out the horrors. Meet War at War's Retreat and he'll send you to fight on his behalf with some twists and bonuses.

One of the most notable bonuses is safe death. Instead of a free death bonus, the safe death bonus allows you to respawn with all items. there is no need to recover them. This allows those who qualify for the advantage to enter the fray without worrying too much about the outcome. Most of these bonuses are available to players, with some member-only restrictions and excluded for certain Ironmen. For example, Safe Death is limited to members who are not Hardcore Ironmen.

There are also double Assassin and Reaper points, a reduced Mark of War cooldown, and a drop rate for inventions. Both are reduced by 50%. You'll also have better luck in the rare loot table and 50% more Conqueror XP on quests other than double XP days.) There are also Elder Overlord's Golems in War's Retreat.

Valentine's Treasure Hunter from 10 to 14 February. 2016 returns to the potential price of the Spell Scepter, which can now be traded until used. Spell Oil is the cost of the Scepter. Using the Scepter gives you a 4% XP bonus and a 24-hour Bonfire HP and for those around you a 2% XP bonus and a 2-hour Bonfire. Euclid can earn additional rewards, including a heart-shaped balloon, a bouquet of flowers, medallions for lovers or haters, the leprechaun pet Butler, some titles, dances, and even emoticons.

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