OSRS is fixing Nex loot, gearing up for Android Open Beta next week

The Old School RuneScape update includes several fixes to the Nex Loot, adding achievements, and announced progress in the upcoming Android Open Beta.

When the Nex was released, some adjustments were made shortly afterwards for the sake of balance and fixed a bug where it could not be killed (oops). Over the past weeks, many have taken up and battled a new challenge, but now the team wanted to sweeten the situation with another batch of Nex achievements. You can get an elite feat by killing the Nex once or by doing things like killing her without anyone dying, without taking damage from certain attacks, or with just two or three players, or having one player cough. There's even one for killing her 100 times.

The Nex has also received a few fixes, mostly related to loot. Fixed bugs including crashes caused by the drop system for items with too much code, compensation of 100,000 GP not carried over to the loot key as expected, and accidental deletion of loot keys if a player with full inventory tries to retrieve it in PvP world.

Old School RuneScape is also making strides in extending its reach on mobile with the Android open beta client. This beta starts on February 28, and the team needs testers to determine what to do next. Some Android client features will be available on mobile devices for the first time. These include fishing indicators, buff bars, chat enhancements, and unit highlights for NPCs. These and other features will be available with the changes made this week.

Once the open beta starts, the team plans to publish both instructions and a list of known issues. When it comes to customer testing, the known issues post will also have some space for feedback.

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