​How to increase your combat level in Runescape

Runescape is full of intimidating opponents and fearsome beasts to defeat, making your combat level critical to your survival. If you're looking to increase your combat level, we've made it easier to dominate your rivals.

Runescape has a wide range of skills to hone, with core groups consisting of combat, gathering, crafting, and support. If you are eager to engage in amazing battles, working on your combat level is the way to become an awesome warrior.

If you're struggling to beat your opponents, here's everything you need to know to increase your combat level.

Runescape is available on PC and mobile, with various paid subscriptions as well.

How to increase your combat level in Runescape

Raising your combat level in Runescape is pretty easy, to begin with, but you'll need to set aside some time to achieve serious power. To begin your journey to the next level, here are some tips:

   Go to Lumbridge and kill cows repeatedly

   Once you've progressed moderately, move on to Haakon and the Barbarians

   Finally, proceed to defeat Hill Giants at Edgeville Keep (accessible through the ruins in South Edgeville)

It should be noted that as you level up and get stronger, you will need to keep buying/crafting enough weapons and armor to protect yourself. Depending on your preferred weapon, you'll need to focus your attention on specific skills that can increase your overall combat level.

What skills are part of combat in Runescape?

Skills are key to increasing your combat level and can provide you with a path to follow, depending on your preferred weapon types. Combat level skills are divided as follows:



   From a distance






For melee-focused players, focusing your attention on Attack and Strength will help slash, stab, and smash your enemies. Use these types of attacks repeatedly to see your stats increase significantly over time. Ranged Magic and Prayer are also increased by repetition. However, prayer can be leveled fairly quickly in a few days by burying bones or scattering ashes.

Defense can be increased faster by answering questions that reward your efforts with defense points. Constitution will improve over time through any combat leveling, while Summoning you'll need to complete Slayer objectives and quests to earn charms that grant a yield boost.

You will fight many different enemies during your time with Runescape.

What is the maximum level for combat in Runescape?

All Runescape players will start with a combat level of 3, both in Runescape and OSRS (Old School Runescape). As you progress through your battle, you will eventually encounter level caps of 138. For OSRS players, the level cap for battle is level 126.

NPCs will stop attacking you if your combat level is twice theirs +1. However, monsters that are level 69 and above will still attack the player.

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