How to Avoid Scams in Old School II

Hello everyone, I have told you how to avoid scams in old school last time, do you still remember it? Today, i would like to talk more about this, there are many scam trick in this fantastic game, i cant stop it, but we can prevent from it if know much about how scams work. I will tell you these tricks in several times if i find the new scams in game.

   • Rounding Money - Scammers will say "Show me your pile of cash and I'll round it up to the nearest million/hundred thousand for you" - this is one of the "too good to be true" scams. When you show the scammer your money (let's say it's 900k) they will put 100k in the trade window - and the initial impression is that you are indeed getting the difference between your cash and one million - but don't forget you have put 850k up - if you proceed with the trade you will hand over 900k and receive 100k in return, the net effect being a transfer of 800k from you to the scammer. ALWAYS be wary of your trade.

   • Show me your inventory – Players will ask you to show them your best items in the hope that you'll forget they're there, and press 'Accept'. Be wary of anyone asking you to show your inventory and make sure you’re concentrating on the trade window at all times.

   • Armour trimming – No one can 'trim' your armour - it can be either 'trimmed' or 'untrimmed'. It is not possible to trim untrimmed armour. Trimmed armour can be gained by completing clue scrolls.

   • Falador Mole - Be wary of anyone asking you to trade in the Giant Mole's lair, or in Falador Park. Be sure to have warning messages toggled on from the doomsayer, and to always bring a light source with you in you go into the Mole's lair.

   • Accepting a teleport – Make sure you know where the location is before you accept a teleport from another player. The Ice Plateau is in the Wilderness, and there are often a group of PKers lying in wait there.

   • "Rare" Items - many players will ask inflated prices for items claiming they are rare. If in doubt, please check the current price by asking another player.

   • Alt-F4 – some players will claim that dropping your items and pressing Alt-F4 will double your items. All it will do is log you out, so they can pick up your stuff. (F5 may do the same thing by refreshing your browser page).

I hope all this above can help everyone in game, and i also wish everyone can farm more and more osrs gold and get better equipment, so that you will strong enough and hard to be killed in game. Watch out and Have a fantastic experience in game, my friend.