Runescape Collection Ideas

It helps you to get higher level and extra Runescape Gold through do daily or weekly task, so it is necessary to do that,however many players forget to do task easily.

My cogs are turning and I'm after some input from all of you, regarding your daily or weekly activities please.What are the small things you always mean to do in game but never seem to have the time to or forget to do? I'm thinking more in terms of things like the Achievement diary rewards here, and collection of items and free XP. Things you either forget, or simply don't have time to do in a session.

Burts Sand? Geoffs Flax? Essence from your Wicked Hood? A visit to Port Phas to convert bones into meal (mmm)?

I want anything and everything that you are eligible to collect, but don't really care about or do care but don't have time for or forget.Sometimes players forget to do daily jack of trades.I know I'm eligible for free buckets of sand but i never bothered with them.I like my essence from wicked Hood but I don't always claim it and it's easy to forget about meg.The buckets of sand you can claim everyday after you complete a certain quest and, indeed, claiming the essence from the wicked hood.Hope this helps as it isn't entirely clear where you need this for. That's all I can think of. I don't do daily challenges or penguins.

The issue for me is not directly because I don't have time to; It's not worth the effort to. Free stuff is free stuff, but the time it takes to do one of those activities is better off put to killing Araxxor for example, which would give me more money for the time I put in.But you can do daily task if you have free time, that is effective to get more experience and Runescape Gold.Usually it is easy to do daily task,its task isn’t hard to players,most of players would like to do it, the biggest problem is easy forget to do daily for them.Especially during a holiday event, who has time to do the holiday event and build up Kill count for Nex while trying to do the long grindy holiday event on four accounts?

It isn’t realistic to complete daily task, because you don’t have enough on it, It is hard for you to squeeze time to play runescape game if you want to get free items and experience and Runescape Gold, you can make a label in note when you start to play it, you need to check your Pack at first if you log in game, start your daily task and enjoy the runescape game.