The Legacy system of combat in Runescape

There are thousands of people falling in love with Runescape cause its miscellaneous contents and fantastic experience. Everyone would like to have a combat with others in game, we can improve our skills trough different combats with different players, we will grow up one day and hard to be killed in game. At time time, you will be the king and make proud of yourself. Today, i would like to talk about the Legacy system of combat, this is useful for the new-comers for Runescape.  

The Legacy system of combat is a return to more nostalgic times in RuneScape history. It replicates our older combat system that was in place before the introduction of EoC, but offers improvements in terms of level calculations and works alongside the EoC system. Although Legacy may be seen as a simpler system, in most cases it will not penalise you for choosing to use it over EoC. Some of the more specialised bosses such as Vorago, which require the use of specific abilities, are not suitable for Legacy mode users.

In Legacy mode you have no abilities, so Melee and Ranged combat become much simpler - simply click on an enemy to attack them and your character will do all the work. Magic and prayer use is still the same as EoC, though the interfaces you access these spells and prayers from will look different.

In addition to the interface changes, you'll also notice a the return of an old interface - previously known as the combat styles interface. This interface allows you to alter how you attack other players and NPCs in the Legacy combat system. This interface shows your combat level, weapon type and special attack button. The interface also allows you to choose our combat style and turn the auto retaliate feature on or off.

In terms of changes to damage, Legacy scales down the visual representation of life points, effectively dividing it by 10 when it’s shown on your screen. It’s still the same amount of damage actually being done under-the-hood, but the numbers are smaller and more comfortable for players who preferred it from before.

I hope everyone can get more and more skillful in game. I am also a player in Runescape, but i am very poor, so i have to farm more and more Runescape Gold to upgrade my equipment in case of being killed by others who better-equipped than me. If you want to farm Runescape Gold too, pls PM me, we will be good friend in game.