Some Tactics Tips for Wilderness

Tactics are very important for Runescapers to survive in wilderness. Knowing a lots of tips for how to living in wilderness will avoid many death happening. Located north of the kingdoms of Misthalin and Asgarnia, the Wilderness is a large and dangerous area. It is easy to die in the Wilderness if you aren't prepared, especially if you have a low combat level. As of 1 February 2011, PvP has been reintroduced to the wilderness, meaning other players may attack you at any time in the wilderness. This makes visits to the wilderness significantly more dangerous than before. The previous inhabitants, the revenants, have been moved to the Forinthry Dungeon. However, this guide aims to help you to safely navigate your way around the dangers of the Wilderness.

If you are planning on entering the Wilderness, it is a good idea to know a few hints and tips to keep you as safe as possible.

Don't attack another player, as you will get a skull and will lose all items upon death, unless you have 31 prayer and have the Protect Item prayer activated.

It is a good idea to bring as few items as possible, especially if you have a low combat level or constitution level. Travelling light is the best tactic.

Jennica's ring is very helpful. If you happen to see a portal that looks like the one from Spirit of Summer and Summer's End, walk on top of it, and operate the ring in your worn inventory. You will teleport to the Spirit Realm which is not in the Wilderness, and therefore most creatures cannot follow you there. You may teleport out of the Spirit Realm regardless of what level you were in. However, you cannot teleport to the Spirit Realm if you are currently teleblocked.

If you are travelling through the Wilderness but do not intend to fight anything, it is often a good idea to wear as little as possible and equip boots of lightness, carry teleportation tablets/runes, food, and other weight reducing equipment. In this situation, run as far as you can and proceed with caution.

If you are feeling jittery because of a low level or previously bad experiences, keep an eye on your minimap for white dots (meaning other players potentially trying to kill you).

It is very possible to travel all the way through the Wilderness relatively unscathed, and certainly without encountering many, if any, Pkers. Keep an eye out for them, but don't panic.

If a player approaches you with a spirit wolf summoned, turn off auto retaliate, as the spirit wolf is used as a skull trick.

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