How to Avoid Scams in Old School

As you’re obviously all know, the Old School is one of the most interesting games. We must have progressed its fantastic contents for years and had fun memories in it. However, there are also certain things not so enjoyable, such as scams and lures that existed during that time that we must become aware of. Unlike today, we didn't have certain safety measures back then, such as the amount of money something was worth in the trade screen, or the "other player has declined trade" notification in the chat box.

Scams are existing everywhere in game, so we have to watch out. In this thread, I intend to outline popular scams of the time period, and ways to avoid and deal with them.

  • Doubling Money - The scammer will say they can double your money and offer to 'prove' it, other times, they will simply offer to double it. You give them a small amount of money - they give you double the amount back. They will then try to get you to give them a larger amount, but instead of doubling it they'll just keep it. They may even use a friend to help, who will stand next to them saying something like ''OMG! He doubled my 100k!'' or ''Wow! you really are legit''. It’s probably worth remembering that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you fall victim to this, it's best to report the player for scamming.

  • "2B Giveaway - Search Scamer123 on Youtube, Trade for 5M after Voting!" - Do not fall for this. The Video will say some rehashed line about a giveaway where you must follow the link in the description that takes you to a RuneScape look alike site to "Sign Up". When you input your details they will hijack your account.

  • Trust Trades - A player will tell you to trade them your most expensive item and they will return it to you - then say the person who trades the most expensive item wins a huge prize! This is a SCAM. These scammers will often be surrounded by friends who will tell you that they recently won a massive amount of money. Avoid this at all costs.

  • "Meet my friend at [...], he's buying your item for a higher price!" - Don't believe this for a second. Often players will offer to buy an item for a high price, and when you try and trade them, they will say their friend is buying it at a different location for a higher price, and then will put a teletab up in trade, hoping you forget your item is still in trade, and in your eagerness to get a better deal, accept the trade.

  • EoC/07 Gold Swapping - Though not always a scam, sometimes players will keep your gold when you give it to a middleman to be transferred. This is a trust trade, as such, engage in gold swapping at your own risk.

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