Do you know power area canals city

Players know Power Area Canals City, that is a part of runescape game. You can get powerleveling from here. However how much do you know about power area canals city? how to play it well?

My idea for the Player Power area is to have a city built similar to Venice Italy, with land you can walk on and stone buildings all around, but also canals with boats and gondolas in between the buildings, and walkways connecting buildings overhead, and many bridges.New content could be added to large square areas if on land above ground, dungeon entrances could be added on some of these squares, and there could also be underwater features and areas in the harbor and beneath the city where players could go underwater to do things.

Some areas could still be concealed from players due to the people of Rivendon not fully trusting outsiders, and this could explain new areas opening for player suggested content, as the people of Rivendon begin to trust outsiders more.The New area could be located to the West of Piscatoris and could have been concealed by magic which is why no one knew it existed before.Adding this land could be a perfect opportunity to finally add the sunken ships and greater treasure spoken of in Olaf's quest. The ships could have been sunk by the inhabitants of the island who fiercely guarded their secret existence and only recently realized their city is in trouble and they need fresh blood to preserve themselves, because the magic they have used to conceal their island has been effecting their ability to have children and they need new blood to have a future generation before they all die out, and so have decided to lower their magic concealment and begin to welcome in strangers out of necessity for survival.

The folk use magic and are somewhat Xenophobic, fearing outsiders, but find they must change their ways and become more open if they want to survive.Because the people of Rivendon had been isolationists they were largely self sufficient, having farming, livestock, fishing, and made their own textiles, tools, and buildings.Making Runescape gold through those. However they were not completely unaware of the outside world, as sometimes they would send small numbers of people on missions to gather needed supplies and get news of what was happening in the world since the godwars, which was when they founded their city to hide from the destruction.

Though their main city is located to the East of the island, the island itself is large, with forests, hills, mountains, plains, grasslands, swamps, cliffs, and other sorts of varied terrain, much of the island remains concealed to outsiders through magic, so the island may be bigger than outsiders are led to believe.As the people of Rivendon accept and gradually begin to trust outsiders out of necessity for their survival, more of their land and what it has to offer may be revealed as the cloak of magic which once concealed their land is lifted more and more.

Mabey thanks to global warming/ the location and landmass the sea is in the process of consuming the place (I'm getting inspiration from the Netherlands) and depending on where you travel you can see things like make-shift flood defences protecting villages and farms, rivers which the player can walk through that expand in depth as you follow it through the area until you get to the sea/flooded areas.You can choose Powerleveling from website if you aren’t familiar with power area canals city.That is useful for you..