Still pked in safe-zone

Today,i have an unusual experience to share with you guys,i have to mention that it has nothing to do with the Runescape gold or power leveling firstly,and it was happened in the server Runescape 2007.

Why  is combat even allowed in guarded zones? Here's my experience, and I'm sure others can relate to it. I'm smelting in Falador, minding my own business, and I get jumped by some players, doors closed on me, and instantly killed. The guards froze them, but they're still able to kill me before they are killed. Why is this? Why don't guards kill them automatically, or prevent them from carrying out any attacks?

As a result, I ended up losing my bank and half of my stats even though I was in the guarded zone. This is ridiculous, and I know that I'm not alone. Teams sacrifice their own so that they can PK valuable items in guarded zones - areas where people assume that they are safe and don't need to watch their every move. How is it fair or even possible for lower levels to play the game if they can't even train in a safe zone?

The entire system is extremely unbalanced. I'm all for Pking, but not in safe zones. It's just an extremely cheap shot and often targets lower leveled players. In addition, there's never any restitution. The game should be so that if you are killed while unskuled in a guarded area, you keep your bank and stats. I really hope that they do something about this, as I'm getting tired of this happening constantly. If this is not fixed, I'm very seriously considering canceling my subscription entirely. Deadman Mode was the only interest I have had in the game for a long time, but there are too many rudimentary mistakes with it.

Jagex needs to do something. This is annoying. I don't care about non-guarded zones, but guarded-zones should be a safe area where you don't have to worry about getting jumped for your bank and progress when you never agreed to that risk. I know that you take the risk of dying when you log into the servers, but in my mind you only really accept this risk once you step outside of guarded areas. Otherwise, why the hell are there guards in the first place?

It really is that bad. Even if you have some HP, it's incredibly easy to get killed. Like I said, Falador is multi, so you can easily have a team gang up on you. Plus ancients is in the game now. I may have almost 50 hp, but a mage with sara staff can 2 hit me. It's incredibly easy to die in safe zones even if you have combat levels. I have seen several merchants get downed for bank. There are even YouTube videos showing merchants get downed for 30 k+ nature runes in var-rock safe-zone. Something needs to be done to better fix the current system.

That’s all my experience,if you guys have same experience with me,i will be very glad to talk with you and share awesome ideas with each other.I am looking forward to hear voices from you now , see you soon!