Thieving from Sleeping Dragons

There are a plenty of occupation in runescape game, each occupation has different advantage,they can use their skill and advantage to get high-level and Runesacpe Gold.Thieving is a part of runescape game, players obtain Runescape Gold and good items through thieving.

Enter a new Mountain Lair with Sleeping Dragons and practice your thieving, but be careful not to wake the dragons as you thieve from their loot pile they are sleeping on, or they will attack you! Come prepared for combat, and with a minimum of level 63 Thieving and 63 agility. The thieving and agility levels required will be similar to the combat level of the Dragons in the Lair, for example for a green dragon you will need both 63 thieving and 63 agility to reach them and thieve from them.

To begin there will be green, blue, red, black, bronze, iron, steel, and mithril dragons, with possible other dragons such as adamant, rune, dragon, frost, silver, gold, and other dragons added in the future. Loot will be based on the type of dragon, and may include hides, bones both of dragons and animals the dragons ate, scales from chromatic dragons which can be used in herblore and from metallic dragons scales which stack and may be smelted into bars for smithing, coins, eggs for a pet, armour and weapons from previous adventurers the dragons defeated, dragon teeth used for a new necklace which may enhance combat of the style you choose, dragon talons which can be used with a chisel to make dragon arrowtips and bolttips, gems and jewelry, and perhaps other useful items including rare drop table items.

The dragons will be in a new area, not the ones you are used to fighting, but a place where the dragons sleep inside a mountain which requires agility to reach their caves. Expect an exciting cutscene of dragons flying in and out of the caves of Dragon Mountain, eating sheep and fighting adventurers who dare approach, then settling down on a vast pile of treasure to sleep. Great rewards await for those who dare enter Dragon Mountain and thieve from Sleeping Dragons!

What about dragons that have combat levels higher than 99?

Answer: The Thieving and Agility levels would have to be adjusted to fit.

There are a few ways this could be done.

One would simply be to have the Thieving and Agility level requirements scale, so if a green dragon required 61 Thieving and Agility, a blue dragon might require 63 Thieving and Agility, and a Bronze dragon might require 65 thieving and agility and so on. The level requirements are not set in stone and can be adjusted to whatever works best.

Another would be to boost the player's skill levels, which might be made to work only for thieving from dragons so it is not overpowered, I wouldn't want the boost to work everywhere as that could unbalance the game. Another solution I think could work well would be a drop you get from thieving lower level dragons, which enables you to unlock the ability to thieve the higher level dragons.

Once obtained, you would use the item and thereafter be able to thieve from the higher level dragons, and the item would be deleted. So for example, you might need to thieve from a green dragon and get an item to allow you to unlock and be able thieve from the next higher level dragon, which would be the blue dragon which has a combat level of 74, and so on. A Red dragon combat level 84 would drop an item which would unlock the.Bronze dragon combat level 86, and so on.On the subject of rewards - you mentioned stackable scales as potential loot.

What would the use of these be, when thinking in terms of chromatic dragons (green/blue/etc.)? We already have blue dragon scales that need to be ground up for use as a secondary potion ingredient, would the scales from this activity be used for similar things? I mean, probably not directly used as secondaries, the only stackable potion secondary I can think of is grenwall spikes, so maybe ground green/red/black frost dragon scales for use in new potions? The ground versions would be non-stackable, and perhaps the stackable scales would be non-tradeable, so as to not overly devalue blue dragon scales and the like?

I think you are more realize about thieving, you can have a try if you are more interested in thieving, you will find that is very funny.