A Farmers guide to fruit trees

First things first, this is not going to be the normal guide that we typically see, I'm not concerned with what trees you should be growing at what level and or what routes you need to travel for the highest efficiency, there are any number of paths you can take based on your level and quest list and you are the best judge of how much you want to spend on seeds and how you travel.

This is geared more to making sure that those pesky fruit trees are done on time when you do your traveling and also to know how to avoid and plan for any delays.

If you have tips and tricks for efficient travel or other things related to Farming feel free to share them if you wish. In order to understand why fruit trees behave, or rather misbehave, we have to understand how and more importantly when they grow both when we are in game and when we are logged out of the game and why.

There are two timing systems at work controlling when your trees will grow, one works when you are in game and the other works when you are logged out.

Both systems are relatively simple but unfortunately they are both completely independent one from the other and few of us understand how the system works when we are logged out and many of us don't even know that this second system even exists.

This lack of knowledge has led to a few urban myths that most of us believe to be true including that fruit trees are glitched or that a watched patch can become diseased and then cured by the farmer we have paid to watch over it causing delays.

There are two methods you can use to insure that your Apple crop (or whatever type you are planting) gets done on time, remain off line longer than the 16 hours required for the offline system to advance all of your fruit trees, but that means not playing the game and that's why we have OSRS accounts is to play the game, so not playing is not an option for most of us.

The second method is to learn the online timing system's schedule and on the occasions that we are logging in and out frequently enough to upset the timing systems, log in just prior to that five minute window at the start of each stage and remain in long enough to force those trees to advance. And when you can't log in to force grow your trees you will be aware that they will be delayed for 2 hours and 40 minutes and you can adjust your farm run to match your trees new completion time.

That’s all the strategies i want to share here, if you have anything different for it in Runescape 2007 server,i will be glad to hear your voice!