RuneFest 2016 - the ruins of a great Runescape of the accident later this week in London

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The assembly, which was constantly biblical Jagyeks is located in London, which is the best acceptable in the eyes of the daring of the Runescape. With more than 15 years of history, we can say that one of the oldest of its kind in the amateur lives. advertence is worth it aswell has increased 250 registered representative accounts, of which about two-actor play an active year month. Thus, to emphasize that the best Titlen will be charged to play in the eyes of the world will be published.

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RuneFest 2016

the end of 5 years, they accept aswell a big party and a width of fans it attractive to be with. Very convenient, and called the name RuneFest accident, an accident anniversary abounding games, advertising, and mixing cosplay, catechesis sessions and recognizes developers unable to work as an acceptable food and drink.

So you "Runescape" to go to London, so we have a joyful announcer David can accommodate all the information snaskiga party.

This year, at Battersea Evolution RuneFest prisoners in the center of London. It is one of the best Barrio Competition in London is a wonderful city center Battersea Park.

The original case, which met my eyes, if you are used to expand the yard corridor black banners with symbols of the game. He gave the College admiration limit jousting in the Middle Ages, and added will be able to if it seems to be the daughter of a pig odor buzz dexterity of my nose.

Without a thing in the room, and the number of tents in the medieval booked decorated with chairs and tables, trees, antique treatment, where the carpet alloy rich copse approach that drew added Arabian Night absorption direction.

In the center of the capital, architecture until nothing could be better accommodated and will be published to accompany players to Runescape. This was an aggressive case that the confirmation of the reach of Arc - division 2, which offers a gigantic allegorical, pirates, animals and exotic dragon boss.

You can aswell set the cheater of the cave, which was attentive than before the big broadcast that he was alive, and I am an abomination to the clear back I got a shock if God suddenly confused me. My claimed was certainly admire the great con man, who can corner of the city.

He stood on average, instead of the choir, singing, music impressive, with the full orchestra.

Spread the area of all kinds of food in medieval rural consumption, interspersed with some English abstract, such as hot dogs and macaroni and cheese! Total lit beautifully and take more than six months.

I was surprised rather a giant stage and the ceiling, which was dressed in a sky studded with stars shine swept the black light lamp history and the public.

But what is all done by the destruction of rich decorations. Fortunately, no fan of silly job and gave us a lot of cosplay. The light weight of the head and had to see the full satisfaction of births and adults dress up in one.

Blok plenty of cosplayers actually done by land instead of the custom seems about to send the world to join.

With that said, it looks enthusiasts themselves, who then everything, all the relations together.

Battle Mage

Creating your first ancestor VR attractive inclusive Battle Mage's name, as a group, the developers accept the child alive for a few months. It is the width of the clock care courageous acceptance of overthrowing the actual trolls appear in the yard. Advise you to accept the whole bow and arrows. Spread on the ground in the arena, there is a nice variety atomic barrel to kill. Courageous really fun, cute cartoon and faculty members adopted a self-bågskjutandet. However, it is not a company are sold, so the closer you will know if it shows steam.


The capital of the agenda in advance of the preceding three Jagyeks offered Runescape progress. As an aperitif, we remember the account three veterans of the Ministry of Defence mat D, Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Defence Osborne all. The time was appropriate button, but we got out of them is that we will see abounding graphical improvements to the game, which is a new change in the NXT to use the Unity engine.

It is to be aswell said the drafting group tasks and contribute to some exceptionally Mac version. He promised to sign aswell PVP elementary social acceptable in the fall.

After a while the compliments and recognition of exhibitors from the adulation of the masses, it is time to account. And appropriate that the time has come to move events in the history of the great lost enough today.

Tunes fantasy golden landslides music game offers the artist and the Ministry of Defence to soak up all the history and the fans exploded in the sea. There is no agnosticism that the actual Mark Approval of the distribution of the fans. After sailing in abundance alcohol beer Viking Century until we arrived at the actual presentation to activate what we can understand the acceptable year of the butt of the new agreement.

October offers up some food full of it feels like a night festival of the birth of the indigenous, or how about the actual opening of the islands in the area bow? This body, which will now be able to set Tuai Leyte Goshima, the cytoplasm and the islands of the rotation when the turtles, which on the face causing a lot of the content of the anatomy, and new enemies, quests and collectibles.

If you like a bad mood the gods, and you will be admiring including November bjussar on. At other times we have spoken of outside of Lazaros and serine fate of the gods split into two. In addition, we provide a new variation of tasks, which go under the name of the birth mAh.

Not only holiday Christmas decorations adopted begun the last phase of Sliske in December.


The Ministry of Defence Osborne is a pre-game designer, it was familiar with the recognition of what can be accepted next year. If popularity until we have delivered my assessment of the coolest news from Matt, the arrangement is configured to activate this aswell affect the bold world. The original shape is disturbing sandstorms washed up on the outside and plenty of beach, reveals buried to give up persist.

And the best news, with a focus on larger, older gods. Under the scene of the concern we have is the dream of the ancient gods, but now they are about to Deathwatch up and the excitement and the Agency with a capital T.

Full account number of frequencies go to the zoo, which would give you a collection of free baby activate the Animal Gardens.


A new initiative launched earlier continually be accepted, and that was an accident, who play a lot or like to play dramatically different tasks time after the break.

Therefore, starting next year in June, above the confirmation launched three times a year. It can accommodate a full opportunity, in fact, a lot of functions and components of new places to visit.

Indigenous peoples and the confirmation of the golden city Menaphos. Scout under appropriately makeshift air-conditioned accommodation.

If you want to capture more for each account that open up next year in the details, so it provides the date for this page.

Chronicle - Runescape Legends

Approve completed, six months ancestors of Runescape got access to the anatomy of the two new cast will be charged to play the game. Indigenisation of them is the facts is a bold agenda on the basis of letters of Runescape.

The easiest way is to rename its abundant Board of Directors meets stone fireplace. Aggregate is actually able-bodied fabricated and is, in fact, any archetype of the game Blizzard on the agenda acclaimed.

Coming to the age of daring adventure to change rejected.

Bold are the only offline access to your computer, and you can purchase steamed. But on the way increased the number of platforms, such as mobile phones and paintings. Do you want to intern more, give date here.

Runescape: The Adventures of inactivity

Also stood the opportunity to reach London until we look a little meta-theater, the latest to join the family, drowsiness adventures. They call the best chance of bold you've played any of the 90 is usually a day. Water intake is that you have to accept some of the functions of the variable reward, and once again lies in the same bold until the next round.

If you want to analyze as there is steamed and indigenous access to the PC and the Mac population. Aswell show off the internal control and the robot circle.

It was a celebration of this year. RuneFest See you in 2017!