Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Trials of Radimus attack launches

Jagex has just launched the aboriginal individual amateur attack for their online agenda bold Chronicle: RuneScape Legends.

Called Trials of Radimus, the agreeable appearance adventures set by Grand Vizier of the Legends’ Guild, Radimus Erkle. Players have to undertake quests and action for the appropriate to add Erkle to beneficiary decks.

The agreeable amend aswell brings new “dynamic affiliate environments” and a all-around and accompany babble system. The latest amend aswell adds three new environments from the Karamja arena of the RuneScape apple of Gielinor – Shilo Village, Karamja Volcano , and Musa Point.

“We’ve been planning on giving players a abandoned attack approach for absolutely some time, so we’re absolutely aflame to see how they accomplish in the Trials,” said James Sweatman, advance designer, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. “The accession of Mac abutment is something we’ve been asked for back our summer launch, so it’s abundant to be able to accessible the Chronicle to added players. We’ve formed harder to ensure that Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is the complete CCG package.”